Bad Flywheel Symptoms and Flywheel Replacement Cost

In almost every car, a flywheel functioning is featured as a mechanical device. This device is round in its shape the same as the wheel. And the flywheel is connected to the crankshaft. This thereby captures and stores the rotational energy for the needs in the future. 

Once when engine torque is not enough at a time, in particular, the rotational energy stored will come in and will supplement it. This is the only way that the engine won’t suffer from any gaps in the performance.

The flywheel is found in the vehicle’s manual transmission. The flywheel also has its flexplate attached in the transmission of the automatic transmission vehicle. The manual vehicle is using flywheel in sustaining the job of the gears. This is also while the clutch is utilized by the driver. What’s more, it does its role in limiting the vibration’s intensity. Now when the flywheel stays functional, you’ll enjoy a smoother and better driving experience.

But if the flywheel is not working properly, it is known to exhibit a few symptoms. Bad flywheel symptoms will cause annoyances while driving. And I also have experienced these interfering with my ability to control the vehicle.

Below are the bad flywheel symptoms that demand a flywheel replacement estimate right away.

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Common Signs of Bad Flywheel

1. Weird Burning Odor

I noticed my car before having such a weird burning odor in its interior. This is brought by a gear slippage. With bad flywheel, the clutch is caused to engage in improper functioning. This thereby causes burning odor and gear slippage issues from forming. Eliminate this odor, just like what I did. Replace the flywheel as it is badly needed. Include the clutch in this case. It will also depend on the wear process it has suffered.

2. Gear Slippage

A flywheel is functioning if it is keeping the gear working properly. This is also after activating the clutch. I once experienced gear slippage after coming to a higher gear. I also accelerated a lot faster. Since the clutch became more worn out, I then experienced gear slippage as always. This is what causes the flywheel to wear out completely. I also heard a grinding sound after the flywheel wears or cracks down from overheat.

3. Clutch Chatter

Since the flywheels’ condition is bad, it’s when the clutch will skip over it. The clutch will also then grab the flywheel. It will release from it several times. This now brings a symptom known as the clutch chatter. This is now responsible for creating stuttering and vibration symptoms. I experienced this as well after bringing my car to a complete stop.

4. Vibrating Clutch Pedal

One more symptom to notice about a flywheel is the intensified vibration or rumbling upon using a clutch. It is already a sign of a bad flywheel. I felt such a vibration on the floor of the vehicle before. It is brought about by the spring mount mechanism failure in the flywheel. This is also since the spring mounts have become completely worn out. This results in the inability of diminishing tremors as I use the clutch.

5. Dragging Clutch

This bad flywheel symptom is the reverse of the slipping clutch, not engaging properly. Dragging clutch means to say that the clutch is engaging, but is not releasing completely. What happens next is gear grinding occurring at different levels. This is as I tried switching the gears. The flywheel is experiencing a bad bearing or hushing, causing this one to happen. As with the actual component of the flywheel, it may not demand to replace it in this case. What I did is replacing one of its bearings or bushings.

Functionality Problems Will Then Occur Next

I once experienced my flywheel ever going bad. That was also why I experienced more functionality problems with my gears, too. I faced the two problems as to the inability to change gears smoothly and the slipping gears. The slipping gear is about shifting into another gear. But then, it continues popping back to the neutral gear or the previous gear. I could not drive safely if still the gears continue slipping to other gears.

In some cases, a flywheel in bad shape tends to have trouble changing it at all or changing the gears. Still, a flywheel will need to be in a terrible condition before the symptoms are present. The problem with the gear slippage will likely occur before any other. I suggest you not to let this problem unresolved. Or else, the flywheel will suffer a wear and tear process continuously. This will result in you facing the problem of changing the gears.

Know that it can be risky driving with a bad flywheel. It might result in damage to you and other people, too.

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Be Ready with the Flywheel Replacement Cost

When all else fails with the flywheel, it’s when replacing the entire clutch is needed. This is since the clutch can be just hard to access. It makes sense replacing everything than just stripping down the transmission. This is also if something goes.

The clutch kit to buy can cost as below as 100-dollars. It will depend upon the vehicle, the fuel type, and the engine. Most of the high-powered petrol engines and diesel engines are using a dual-mass flywheel. This seemed a more expensive option as compared to the single-mass flywheel.

Planning to change the flywheel and the clutch yourself requires paying about 300-dollars to 500-dollars for these parts. Pay at least 700-dollars to 1000-dollars if you will get on a mechanic. Good thing, I am a mechanic already. I did not ask for help from one. Just know the labor involved in completing the job. You now have an idea of the cost to pay. You’re not anymore clueless about how much does it cost to replace a flywheel!

Nevertheless, I suggest that the engine be removed in accessing the clutch and gearbox completely. This is true to say considering smaller vehicles having an engine that is fitted transversely through the engine bay.


Be extra wary if you noticed any of the bad flywheel symptoms, as discussed above. Do the necessary things to avoid aggravating the problem. Look for ways, know, and prepare for the cost of having to replace the bad flywheel.

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