The Best Car 8 Inch Subwoofer Reviews

Best 8 inch Subwoofers

Driving with good music makes the journey worthwhile. I know you’ve been enjoying great music for the longest time with your default speakers the manufacturer has installed in your car. However, when you get a taste of the best 8 inch subwoofers for your car, your life will change!

Nick, an extreme audiophile, enlightened us about the value of ditching your stock subwoofer and racking some aftermarket speakers. We will show to you why it’s worth giving up your old speakers for an 8 inch subwoofer.

With Nick’s help, I have narrowed down your selection to help you choose the right subwoofer for your car.

Best  8 Inch Subwoofers 2019

Here’s a quick overview of 7 car 8 inch subwoofers. We’ll go into additional detail about individual features, installation, quality, pros and cons below.

Device Name


Lowest Frequency

BOSS Audio CXX8 600 W



Planet Audio AC8D



BOSS Audio CX8 400 W



Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8



Polk Audio DB840



Pioneer TS-SW2002D2Car Truck Subwoofer, Dual

150 W/600W


Skar Audio VVX-8v3



Alpine Electronics PWE-S8



Best Compact Ported Subwoofer

Boss Audio is a 30-year-old company staffed with audiophiles at heart committed to manufacturing high-quality audio products that fit the varying preferences of each individual. They incorporate state-of-the-art technology to every piece they create to ensure that users will have a mesmerizing audio experience.

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This 600watt 8 inch subwoofer will shake your world. It has a 2-inch aluminum voice coil rated at 4 ohms. The cone is made of tough polyurethane that resists heat and tearing. This material can withstand beating and heat and still retain its integrity.

This subwoofer will work well on a .6 cubic feet ported enclosure which is 30% more compact than the standard. If you are still concerned about the space, it also can also be mounted on a .35 cubic feet sealed enclosure that will give you a tight bass response. The surround foam is made with butyl rubber to resist internal beating and the environmental damage.

Most important of all, the sound quality it spits out is amazing. It brings hair-raising lows that will penetrate your body. This means that you will feel every beat of the music as you drive along. However, if you want mind-blowing and earth-shattering lows, there are better subwoofers you can choose from.

This subwoofer is a good replacement for your factory installed speakers, however, there are better choices out there that has deeper bass projections.


  • This 8 inch subwoofer is affordable
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Can work well in a .6 cubic feet ported enclosure
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • Good lows, but not the best

 Best Value for Money

Planet Audio was founded on 1997 by a group of car audiophiles who wants to bring excellent musical experience with other people at an affordable price. Over the span 20 years, Planet Audio has made its name known and have expanded their product lines from car speakers to car entertainment.

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AC8D is an 8 inch subwoofer packed with a 1200 maximum power output. It is rated at 4 ohms and has a 2 inch voice coil. The cone material is made with sturdy and durable polypropylene that can take a continuous beating. The speaker surround is made of foam for a more natural response.

Unlike Boss Audio, Planet Audio recommends a .9 cubic feet ported enclosure for best audio experience. However, this subwoofer can also fit inside a .35 cubic feet sealed enclosure to conserve space.

This speaker comes at a low cost for its advertised rating and specs. It has a maximum output of 1200 wats which is deafeningly awesome. You will enjoy the rich bass output this subwoofer without spending too much.

This speaker is powerful and can peak at 1200watt. However, it may not be the best option if you are conserving space as it requires almost a foot of enclosure to house this subwoofer.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • 1200watt power rating


  • Requires a .9 cubic feet ported enclosure

Best Subwoofer for Mellow Jam

This 400watt model by Boss Audio is almost similar with its 600watt version. However, the specs are tapered and mellowed down to match a different jam. Not everyone is fond of loud and complicated music. For those who just want to improve their music experience without spending too much, this model can be a good choice.

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This 8 inch subwoofer packs 400watts of power. The cone is made of the same polyurethane material that the 600watt model has. However, because it does not have the same output rating, they installed a foam surround instead of butyl rubber. It built with a 1inch aluminum voice coil instead of 2 inches.

This subwoofer is recommended to be housed on .6cubic feet sealed or .7inch ported enclosure. You might as well go with a ported housing since the space has very little difference.

This subwoofer will easily blend with your existing speaker system and give your sound experience a huge quality boost. Although, it lacks a bit of loudness and pushing it to the limit will distort the bass.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Rich bass response for mellow jam


  • Needs a little loudness
  • Has the almost the same price as the 600-watt model

Best Easy to Configure Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate specializes in manufacturing truck and car speakers and makes sure that their products are unparalleled in the market. Every speaker they make is packed with a punch that will surely tickle your ears and rock your body. They manufacture a wide range of speaker with different specs to match your car audio needs.

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This 8-inch subwoofer can handle up to 300watts of power at its peak. This model features dual voice coils for easy and versatile installation. It has a patented spider venting basket that dissipates heat to enable long hours of playing without overheating.

This compact speaker is meant to fit tight spaces and can be mounted on ported and sealed enclosures. The design is engineered to produce deep lows even in low volumes.

The dual voice coil setup enables easy installation and option to hook them up on a low impedance amplifier setup. You would not need to have another speaker to get a matching impedance. It also gives out a rich and deep bass that can be felt in the car environment.

This speaker comes with top-notch quality, however, it costs a fortune to build a component system with this.


  • Easy to install and has a shallow mount
  • Deep bass even in low volume


  • This speaker comes with a hefty price
  • Needs to be housed in an enclosure for best sound quality

Best Subwoofer With Deep and Round Low Frequency

Polk Audio is a 45-year old company that has brought and continuously bring quality speakers that we could rely on. This company was founded by a few good men who are passionate about music and how to deliver it with pristine quality. With this in mind, they improved the existing speaker technology and forced their competitors to keep up with them.

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Polk’s 8-inch subwoofer comes with a single voice coil and can continuously operate at 180watts. This subwoofer can handle 380watts at its peak. This subwoofer can project as low as 30hz which brings vibrations that can be felt in your seat.

Polk Audio is known to bring durable speakers that can take a harsh environmental beating. This triple vented subwoofer will not heat up easily with long playing hours. It goes very well with other brands and blends nicely.
If you want your music loud, this may is not packed with the wattage to project deafening music.

This speaker can be mounted and replace your factory installed 8-inch subwoofer. This model works best in a ported enclosure but also works well on a sealed housing.


  • This brand is backed by half a century of experience and quality assurance
  • Polk Audio speakers are known for its durability
  • This subwoofer gives your round lows without costing too much


  • Not the loudest subwoofer you can get

Best Subwoofer Without Distortion at Peak

Pioneer was founded in Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 and still exists today. Pioneer is a top-notch brand that equates to quality. Matsumoto’s burning love for music and audio engineering gave birth to this company. Working as a speaker repairman, he learned the intricacies of audio physics and how it translates in our ears. Founded in this knowledge, he patented and manufactured top-quality speakers.

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This 8-inch TS-SW2002D2 subwoofer can handle up to 600watts of power and can run continuously for hours at 150watts. Using an unconventionally larger cone structure, these subwoofer projects a much louder and deeper bass response.

This speaker will fit nicely on your factory set up. However, a special mounting can be purchased separately that best suits the specifications of this subwoofer. The specifically engineered enclosure helps bring out the most out of this subwoofer.

Pioneer is a brand that has existed since the late 1940s and still manufactures amazing audio products. The quality of speakers and subwoofers they make are unparalleled in the market and has a reasonable price. This speaker projects round, deep, and loud lows without distortion up to 600watts of power.

The only drawback with this product is that you would have to buy their specified enclosure to make the most out of it.


  • Durable and louder than most 600w subwoofers
  • Manufactured by a brand that is known for quality


  • Requires a special enclosure to squeeze the most out of it

The Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Buying Guide

Listening to an audiophile who happily discussed sound quality to us, we had our ears full of audio physics jargons that would baffle people without familiarity or in-depth knowledge about it. Apparently, even having familiarity with the terms got us nowhere!

For many of us, we could leave the audio physics to the experts. All we could understand is the richness of the sound quality. But, there are some things that we should understand to help us choose which one is the best for your jam. Let’s take a look at some specs that are relevant, useful, and easy to comprehend.


The wattage rating you see on the box of a subwoofer determines how much power your subwoofer can handle. However, this is the peak performance and anything that operates on peak performance for long periods are bound to overheat and blow off.

Root mean square (RMS) means how much power your speakers can handle continuously. If you frequently drive long hauls, you may want to consider this instead of the peak performance.


High speaker wattage will require a higher power supply. Make sure that your amplifier can support your subwoofer. In the event that it cannot, you will need to upgrade your amplifier too.

Intended Usage

Carefully define how you intend to use your setup. Do you play loud music or just mellow jams? A high end and expensive setup may adapt to all types of music. However, if you don’t need it for that purpose, you can save some money by choosing what’s best for your jam.


The best car 8 inch subwoofers can surely make your music a lot more fun. In this selection, Pioneer’s 8 inch subwoofer swooped its competitors with its features and versatility.

This subwoofer can project 20hz with clarity without a problem. Even at low volumes, this speaker gives out rich and deep bass response that can be felt in the air. Although it comes a little pricier than average, it lives up with the quality it claims.

In case you know of a better subwoofer than the selection mentioned above, don’t hesitate to let us know and we would gladly include it here.

If you're searching for a bigger subwoofer, I recommend you read the post on the best 12 inch subwoofers and best 10 inch subwoofers.

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