The Best Double Din Head Unit That Matches Your Style

When you got your car from the manufacturer, it is probably fitted with a single DIN head unit. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it would play you your favorite music. However, you will notice that it has a relatively small screen. The best double DIN head unit will give you double the screen height for better navigation.

The standard size of a single DIN head unit is 180mmx50mm only. This gives you a seven-inch screen that is 2 inches high. Although it will function well, the demands of the modern technology would not be served by this small screen. A double DIN head unit will give you more option to control and navigate through your settings.

With a double DIN head unit, you would be able to navigate more comfortable through your GPS, music player, AM/FM, and even interact with your phone thru Bluetooth connection.

The Best Double Din Head Unit 2021

To help you narrow down your selection, we have reviewed 10 of the most popular double din head units in the market for you! You won’t have to scour the internet for hours to review each product! We have consolidated the essential details that you would need to know to come up with a decision.

1. Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver

Pioneer is one of the oldest and most trusted brands that manufacture various audio equipment, car audio, home audio, professional audio, and other consumer electronics. This company has been in the business for 80 years and have proven that they are the best in what they do. Their dedication to research and innovation gave birth to many inventions. This inspired many other companies to follow suit and spurred technological advancement in the field of consumer electronics.

image of Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver


Product Features

This double DIN head unit by pioneer has a 7-inch widescreen that you can navigate through. It has a dvd receiver player that can read and render music from your CD and DVDs. It is Bluetooth ready and can accommodate two Bluetooth devices at one time. It supports both Android and IOS devices.

You can make and receive calls through this device without a problem. It also features Siri Eyes Free to enable Siri while you are driving. You can execute commands to Siri using this device and have no problem calling, texting, or checking your calendar while you’re on the freeway.

The display is bright, and this product has tactile buttons at the bottom so that you navigate through it without taking your eyes off the road. Check Out 201+ More Reviews.


  • This device features Siri Eyes Free.
  • It supports both Android and IOS devices.
  • You can connect up to two handheld devices thru Bluetooth at the same time.
  • It has palpable buttons at the bottom of the screen for easy operation without taking your eyes off the road.


  • It does not have a built-in GPS feature.

2. Boss Audio Systems BVCP9675 Double DIN

Boss Audio has been in the trade of audio and video electronics, and other consumer electronics for more than thirty years. The company is comprised of dedicated individuals that spurs everyone to do their best. They utilize and incorporate the latest technology to the products they manufacture to ensure that every client they have is satisfied. Over the years, they have masterfully designed and marketed over 400 unique products in more than 130 countries across the globe.

Boss Audio Systems BVCP9675 Double DIN


Product Features

This product has a 6.75” screen that displays the interface of the device. It supports Apply Car Play and other Android auto devices. This product is Bluetooth enabled, and mobile devices can be used to stream music with it. It is built with an AM/FM modulator so that you can listen to your favorite radio station or tune in to a news channel.

It is compatible with most car’s microphone and can receive and accept calls with it. It has a USB port that charge your mobile device and can be used as an auxiliary input. It boasts a capacitive touch screen panel that is easy to navigate with. This device has an LED backlight that can be customized according to your preference.

Boss Audio has an excellent customer service support team that answers and responds to queries. This double DIN head unit is covered by a three-year warranty period without hassle. Check Out 2081+ More Reviews.


  • This product is covered by a three-year warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The USB has a dual function that receives input and charges your mobile device simultaneously.
  • This device supports steering wheel media control.


  • Does not have a CD/DVD player.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in navigation software with it.

3. Clarion Corporation of America NX807 2-DIN Multi Media Station

Clarion Corporation of America, or simply Clarion, is a huge company that clings to the virtues of the founder. From the establishment of the company, they strive to connect information, sound, and human interaction in the most efficient way possible. This gave birth to state of the art speaker and other multimedia device designs that are ergonomic and easy to use.

Clarion Corporation of America NX807 2-DIN Multi Media Station


Product Features

Clarion’s NX807-2 is a double DIN head unit with 6.95inch display. It features a built-in navigation that works online and offline. It serves you well even when internet connection is not accessible. They boast a 15-band equalizer that carefully tweaks your audio frequency preference and have it just the way you want it. For music lovers, you will be glad that this device can read and play lossless music files for your high-fidelity jam.

It easily accommodates mobile devices through Bluetooth connection. This head unit supports both Android and IOS handheld devices. It has screen mirroring feature that lets you stream videos from your phone to the head unit display. This device can accommodate rearview camera connection too. Check Out More Reviews.


  • This product is carefully designed and offers a wide range of advanced features.
  • It has a large screen and has a vivid display.
  • This device has a 15-band EQ that will give you control over a wide range of audio spectrum.
  • It is designed to work with Android and IOS devices.
  • This product has a built-in navigation system.


  • This double DIN head unit is expensive.

4. Alpine ILX-107 7" Mech-less In-Dash Receiver

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is one of the world’s leading brands that manufacture and distribute mobile device, audio electronics, personal consumer electronics, and other multi-media devices. They integrate the latest technology to every model they manufacture to keep up with the exponential evolution of gadgets.  They also seek partnership with car manufacturers and have been the top choice of some companies.

Their forty years of existence have made them an expert in the field. Many of their clients favor them because of the quality of their make.

Alpine ILX-107 7" Mech-less In-Dash Receiver


Product Features

This 7-inch wireless double DIN head unit is one of the best you can get in the market. It features wireless connectivity that has no latency issue. It supports Apple CarPlay which makes using your Apply device safe and easy while you are driving. You can access some of your phones feature through Siri while driving. This enables you to make calls and text message without touching your phone and just dictating Siri.

This device is designed specifically to support Apple devices, but it can also accommodate android gadgets. It automatically connects to your selected Bluetooth device for ease of access. This device can be easily integrated with your steering wheel multi-media control panel and has one camera input.

You can tune in to your favorite HD radio and enjoy your favorite program while cruising along the freeway. It also has a 9-band EQ that helps you tweak your audio output according to your preference. Check Out More Reviews.


  • Alpine is one of the most globally recognized manufacturer of car audio electronics and other multimedia gadgets.
  • It has one camera input where you can hook your dash camera or your rear-view camera.
  • This unit has four channels with 50watt power each.


  • This double DIN head unit is more expensive than its competitors.
  • This product does not support CDs and DVDs.

5. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4" Media Receiver

Sony is one of the oldest Japanese brands that is known across the globe. They manufacture a wide range of electronic products including audio equipment, consumer electronics, media devices, digital cameras, and is most notably known for the PlayStation®.

This company is one of the most trusted brands that offer excellent products, and they give outstanding customer support. Sony has been serving their clients for more than 71 years now and continually increases its level of patronage as more people trust them over the years.

Sony XAV-AX100 6.4" Media Receiver


Product Features

Sony’s double DIN head unit offers CarPlay support and wireless connectivity for Android auto devices. It has a 6.4inch screen and features a built-in AM/FM modulator. This device streams high definition AM/FM signal for your listening pleasure. It can support up to four channels at 55watts each. Sony fitter it with easy access buttons on the left-hand side for easy navigation.

The rotary knob gives more versatility in controlling your device. It has a port ready for camera input which makes things easy if you already have cameras installed in your car. It can also be easily integrated into your steering wheel multi-media controller. It has a built-in 10-band equalizer that lets you tweak your audio device. Check Out 150+ More Reviews.


  • This product has a USB input that also charges your device while plugged.
  • It has a built-in 10-band equalizer.
  • Supports camera input.
  • The manufacturer included a rotary dial for distraction-free control.


  • This double DIN head unit does not come with CD/DVD player.
  • Only has 6.4” screen size.

6. Pioneer MVH-AV290BT 6.2" Double-DIN In-Dash Digital Media

Pioneer is a globally renowned brand of consumer electronics and other electronics that have been in the industry for decades. Their years of experience have enabled them to market different designs of audio equipment and other multi-media devices with varying features. They have an extensive range of selection that offers useful features according to your preference. Of course, the high-end units have the best and most updated technological features.

Pioneer MVH-AV290BT 6.2" Double-DIN In-Dash Digital Media


Product Features

This double DIN head unit is fitted with a 6.2inch touch enable screen that helps you navigate through the features of the device. It can connect to your Bluetooth enabled device without a problem. This device is optimized for Apple devices but also supports Android auto devices. It can be readily connected with your steering wheel multi-media controller for easier use. This head unit also enables you to make calls hands free for increased safety while driving.

This device has a port ready for a backing camera and will not need modifications to make such camera work. It also has an AM/FM modulator for streaming music and tuning in to your favorite radio program. For latency free issues, you can play music from your thumb drive with this. Check Out 122+ More Reviews.


  • This double DIN head unit is more affordable than most similar products.
  • This device can be easily connected to your steering wheel multimedia controller.
  • It has a port ready to receive a camera connection.


  • This unit does not come with a CD/DVD player.
  • It only has a 6.2inch screen.

7. Corehan 6.95" inch Double DIN CDUN-ZZH-AN-02

Noah, the founder of Corehan, launched this company in 2010. Compared with the other large companies, Corehan is pretty young. However, they have proven that the sound quality of their make is at par, or even better than the big brands in the market.

This company is dedicated and have favored Android over IOS and streamlined the interface to work best with the former. Today, they are selling many models with different features and some other multi-media electronics applicable to automobiles.

Corehan 6.95" inch Double DIN CDUN-ZZH-AN-02


Product Features

Corehan’s double DIN head unit has a 6.95inch diagonal width. It has a high-resolution display that touch-enabled for quick navigation through the unit’s features. It runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and has a 1.6gHz processor. You can install android auto apps on it for whatever purpose you find it useful!

It has a built-in CD/DVD receiver player and can accommodate files from your USB device. You can run a phone mirroring link through it to view your phones interface through it. It can be directly linked to your steering wheel controls and has a port ready for your camera.

You can utilize your GPS navigation system through it for convenient driving and locating your destination. Lastly, you can buy with confidence as they offer a 3month money back guarantee and a full year coverage of warranty. Check Out 87+ More Reviews.


  • This product has tons of features for its price.
  • Runs with the latest Android software.
  • It has Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to your mobile device with ease.
  • It has a navigation app bundled with it.


  • The manufacturer is quite new in the market.
  • May have compatibility issues with IOS devices.

8. Kenwood DDX773BH 6.95" In Dash Touch screen

Kenwood was established in 1946 and has been in the electronics market for 72 years. In 2008, Kenwood merged with JVC, a 90-year old Japanese company that manufactures the same line of equipment. Kenwood is known for their radio devices and other audio equipment. They are one of the best manufacturers of analog radio transceivers and other audio and consumer electronics equipment.

Kenwood DDX773BH 6.95"


Product Features

This stylish double DIN head unit is optimized to work both for android and IOS devices. It can accommodate two mobile devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. It also features Siri Eyes Free that lets you navigate your mobile device through Siri. It has an auxiliary USB slot that also charges your device while connected to the unit.

You can connect a maximum of two cameras directly through it. It is incorporated with an HD radio tuner to serve you well during traffic or leisurely cruising around town. The angle of the screen can be adjusted to optimize display and avoid glare. It has six tilt settings to match your height and avoid glare. Check Out 84+ More Reviews.


  • This device connects a maximum of two Bluetooth enabled device.
  • It has two camera inputs.
  • This product is optimized for Android mobile devices.
  • It has a USB port for auxiliary connection and fast charging.
  • This head unit has a 13-band equalizer that gives you control over a wide range of frequency.


  • This may not be the best head unit if you are using IOS devices.
  • It has some Bluetooth connectivity problems.

Jensen, a consumer electronics brand, specializes in car audio equipment and other multi-media devices for automobiles. They have been in the industry for more than a hundred years. The company was founded by Peter L. Jensen who has contributed most of the companies early marketed devices. There was a time from the 80’s up to the 90’s that they were Jeep’s chosen audio device.

Product Features

This touch screen double DIN head unit designed with Bluetooth technology that enables you to stream music from your mobile device. This head unit can accommodate Android and IOS devices respectively. The large 6.2-inch screen gives you a clear view of its interfaces.

Jensen equipped this multi-media device with GPS navigation to help you navigate through the busy streets of the metropolis. It comes with a 3.5mm jack input and a USB auxiliary input that charges you’re your device with 2.1amp power. It can be connected to your steering wheel controls for easy access while driving. It has a camera input for viewing your camera’s display. Lastly, this product comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Check Out 766+ More Reviews.


  • This product has a high-resolution display.
  • Can accommodate Android and IOS devices.
  • Fitted with a fast charging USB slot that also functions as an auxiliary input.
  • This device has a 3.5mm jack auxiliary input.
  • This product has a built-in navigation system.
  • It comes with a micro SD port.


  • Does not support onboard dictation to control your mobile phone while driving.

For more than 30 years, Boss Audio has been providing people with high-quality audio implements and other multi-media devices for home, marine, automobile, and other applications. By providing a conducive environment for their engineers and researchers, they can bring the best gadgets to the market. Boss Audio values client satisfaction and makes sure that every product they manufacture is durable and serves the intended purpose without a fuss.

image of BOSS Audio BV9362BI


Product Features

This touchscreen double DIN head unit has 80watts to power your speaker system. It has an optical drive to read your CDs and DVDs. It has Bluetooth compatibility to most mobile devices and can stream music through it. Boss equipped it with 2 USB auxiliary slots that connect your music player to it. If you have music files on your SD card, this unit can accommodate it.

You can readily control your head-unit if you have a steering wheel control connected to it. For tactile navigation through your head unit, Boss includes a wireless remote control with it. Most importantly, this product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for your convenience. Check Out 686+ More Reviews.


  • This device has 2 USB auxiliary slots available.
  • You can play CDs and DVDs with this head unit.
  • It has an SD card slot for your convenient music playing.
  • It supports Android and IOS devices.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It comes with a wireless remote controller.
  • This head unit comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • It has a smaller screen.

Buying Guide - Getting the Best Double Head Unit for your Car

Most new high-end car models come with double DIN units that have excellent features. However, it may not be everything you need, and you want more! Or, maybe, you just want to upgrade your outdated head unit. For more practical reasons, maybe the one you got already reached the end of its life and needs a replacement!

Now, getting a new head unit for your automobile is quite exciting. There are tons of features ha you may want to be included in your new head unit! But what features do you look for? Getting the most expensive may not always be at best. Maybe not all advanced feature is applicable for you and it can save you a few bucks to drop some features you don’t need!

Now, here are some of the stuff you will see featured on today’s double DIN head units.

•    Bluetooth

There was a time that connecting your phone to your head unit requires too many wire and connections. Today, most head units feature built-in bluetooth connectivity. It enables you to stream and listen to music your playlist without wired connections!

•    IOS and Android compatibility

As much as possible, manufacturers try to make their units compatible with both IOS and Android auto devices. However, to make the most, an optimized head unit would perfectly work for your mobile device plus more!

Whatever type of mobile device you have, compatibility is the key to lessen or eliminate latency issues.

•    Optical Drive

A CD or DVD receiver player is great to have. However, if you don’t have a collection of CDs or DVDs, this may not be an additional feature that would work for you. If you usually stream music from your phone, you may not find this feature useful.

•    USB Auxiliary Input

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, a USB input can send a signal to your head unit and play music through it. Wireless connectivity may not be the most hassle-free way to play music. However, most USB input ports charge your mobile device while connected to the head unit which makes it a plus.

•    SD Card Input

An SD card slot is another way to play music through your head unit. If you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity, this auxiliary input enables you to play supported music files through your head unit.

•    3.5mm Jack Input

This input is nice to have as most mobile phones, and other handheld devices have 3.5mm jacks and can be readily connected to your head unit. If you have older music players that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm input can enable you to play music through your mobile phone.

•    Navigation

New car models have built-in GPS navigation systems and can be incorporated into your head unit. However, if your car doesn’t have GPS, a head unit that features it can upgrade your car! You can easily navigate through traffic with a navigation system.

•    Screen Size

Double DIN head unit screens range from 6.2 to 7inches in size. A larger display would be easy to view. However, if you are not that particular with the screen size, as you would not be staring at it too much, it may not matter that much. But if you have kids or your passenger loves watching stuff over your screen, a large screen may be useful.

•    Cost

Double DIN head units range from a few hundred to about a thousand dollars. Expensive units pretty much feature everything that is said above. However, if you don’t need all of them, then the more affordable head units may be a practical choice.

If you are a techie like me, there might not be enough features for you! An Android enabled, or an IOS enabled head unit would work best for you. It can help you access your mobile device through the head unit.

How to install the best double din head unit into your car

The levels of difficulty when installing double din head units really depend on how familiar we are with the basic workings of our vehicles.

The first thing you need to know is whether your car’s dashboard can flexibly receive a double din radio or not.

Older dashboards are designed to receive single din head units only, so before going out to buy that double din unit, make sure your car’s dashboard can receive it.

One of the reasons why you might want to replace the double din head unit installed in your car is because the regular factory installed stereos only have basic functions.

You need to consider the sound quality of your car’s current audio setup to determine the best double din head unit you can upgrade it into.

Now, here are the tools and installation accessories you will need when tackling this job.

Tools for installing Double Head Unit:

1.  Wire stripper.
2.  Wire crimper.
3.  Basic pry tool.
4.  Nut driver.
5.  A Phillips and a flat head screwdrivers.

Installation accessories:

1. Zip ties.
2. 18-22 gauge pink butt connectors.
3. Vehicle wiring harness and after-market radio harness
4. Car stereo installation kit or dash kit.
6. Soldering iron (optional).

Let’s go right into the steps now to install the Double Head Unit

1. Disconnect car battery.

It is important to disconnect the car battery before removing or installing any electronic device in your car because you don’t want to have power flowing through the vehicle just in case you short out a wire or pop a fuse during the installation.

2. Remove Face plate and panel.

Dashboard designs vary on where to start prying the face plate off the panel using a prying tool. You can pry the face plate from the bottom, side or top and when the faceplate is loose enough, use your hands to remove the rest of the face plate. It’s easier because you’d be able to feel the pressure and adjust the amount of strength you need to apply as you slowly remove the faceplate.

Moreover, depending on the faceplate’s design, you need to be very careful in identifying resistance points in the panel, making sure you’re not prying on something that’s screwed down. For example, the knobs on the AC controls may be overlapping with the face plate in which case, you will need to first remove those knobs. And depending on the vehicle, you may need to use the screwdrivers or a nut driver to remove those knobs and remove the entire faceplate and panel.

3. Remove the stereo.

Once the panel is removed, again, depending on your vehicle, you may need to use the screwdrivers and the nut driver to remove the stereo.

Slowly pull out the stereo, and once you see the back portion, you will need to unplug the factory connections at the back, such as the AM/FM antenna and the main car stereo harness.

The main or factory car stereo harness of the vehicle usually consists of two sets of female harnesses connected to the car with color-coded wires. This is where you will connect your new wiring harness, but we’ll tackle that in detail later.

4. Preparing the wires for the installation.

you need to prepare the wiring harness. The wires in the harness are color coded because each wire has specialized functions. 

Now, here are the step by step instructions on how to prepare and connect the harnesses.

A. First, you need to connect the vehicle wiring harness to the aftermarket radio harness. Use the wire stripper to remove a bit of the insulation coating at the end of every wire, exposing the internal copper wires. 

B. Next, you will need to merge the wires from both the vehicle wiring harness to the aftermarket radio harness, matching each wire with their corresponding color.
You can do this by soldering them together, but if you don’t have a soldering iron, you can just use the butt connectors. Twist the exposed copper wire to make the wires nicely uniformed and then take the butt connector and slide in the copper wire. After that, use the wire crimper to join the ends of the wires from the vehicle wiring harness to the aftermarket radio harness.

C. Once you have accomplished doing this with all the wires and none of them are exposed, you can neatly bind them together using zip lines.

D. Make sure to also crimp the straggling wires to the butt connectors because exposed copper wires can easily pick up electricity flowing through your vehicle and this could adversely affect the stereo and the other electrical devices connected to your vehicle.

5. The mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are classified under ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which means all the mounting brackets issued for all types of double din head units are the same, thus making replacement of the units, quickly done.

Typically, you need to use the screwdrivers or nut driver to detach the bracket from the old double din unit and attach it to the new one.

Additional mounting accessories may be included depending on the brand of your new unit. However, they should perfectly fit and compliment the standard mounting brackets.

6. Test your new double din stereo

Now, once you have connected the wiring harness and the mounting brackets to your new double din stereo, take it into your vehicle then connect the AM/FM antenna connector and the vehicle’s main car stereo harness to your new stereo.

Next, slide the stereo into the vacated slot of your dashboard panel, reconnect the car battery and test your new double din stereo.

If it is working properly, then secure the unit into the slot by tightly bolting in the screws.

Re-attach the faceplate, and the front panel then Plug the knobs back in. 

7. Enjoy your new stereo!

Installation of a double din stereo unit could vary depending on the vehicle type. You should also check the customization flexibilities of your car with your car manufacturer. Ask them if the installation or replacement of the double din stereo would affect your vehicle’s warranty.

In Summary

With the wide selection of features and constant evolution of technology, you may feel the need to upgrade now and then to make sure that you are up to date.  However, with the many features out there, selecting can be a little confusing.

But with proper identification of your preference, you will end up with the right and the best double DIN head unit that suits your style. If you are replacing your head unit for practical reasons and just simply want to play music and access voice calls while driving, Boss Audio’s BV9362BI double DIN head unit is the best replacement that can play music from your mobile device, take calls, has camera display, has a CD/DVD player, has USB and SD input, and covered by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer!

However, if budget is not a constraint, Kenwood’s DDX773BH has a bigger screen. It sacrificed the optical drive to accommodate more screen! It has a fantastic display, has built-in bluetooth connectivity, has two camera inputs, has USB input and charger, and a thirteen-band equalizer for the music lover! If you have Android devices with you, this head unit is optimized for it, and you can access your phone’s features through it.

Overall, Kenwood DDX773BH is the best double DIN head unit that has the latest useful features at the mid-range price and has one full year warranty from the manufacturer.

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