Bluedevil Hydraulic Stop Leak Reviews, You Should Try it

If you are having a hard time with your hydraulic leaking, then the best solution for you is to get something to stop that leaking. One of the most popular things to use in this case is the Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak. Now, the question you may have is if it’s worth it or not.

As a car mechanic, I have worked with a lot of car engines over the years. So, it’s part of my job to find out the best products for fixing cars. From that responsibility, I went ahead and tried this one out. You will know here is my experience and the research I did to find out the worth of this product.

Without wasting further time, let’s get right into it and see whether you should try this or not.

Product specifications

Before all details, let’s go through some technical specifications of this product-

  • Type of repair: Permanent seal
  • Dimensions: ‎9.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.25lbs
  • Repair part: Hydraulic
  • Fixes: Rubber seal issues
  • Compatible with: All hydraulic

The benefits and drawbacks of Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak

There are several benefits of using Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak for your car. However, there might be some drawbacks to it as well. So, it’s better to know them both as it helps in choosing whether you use them or not.

The benefits of Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak

  • The great thing about this one is it gives you a permanent solution to leaking hydraulic.
  • It works with all hydraulics, so you don’t need to worry about your car model.
  • This can restore all kinds of cracks, dryness, and shrink from your rubber seal.
  • It works very effectively with quick timing.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to use it; you can do it yourself

The drawbacks of Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak

  • The bottle for packaging isn’t that good, and it may leak in the delivery
  • It can be pretty lethal to your skin and eyes

As you can see, the drawbacks of this one are only with the packaging and usability. The functionality and quality are just too good to question. To learn more, let’s dive into the details.

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Product details

Now, let’s dive deep into the Bluedevil hydraulic stop leak to know how good it works on your car. And what kind of values you can get from the product. Let’s get going.

How does the product work?

The BlueDevil hydraulic stop leak works like a plasticizer and affects the rubber seals in your car. It absorbs into the seal and softens it up. This results in a more expanded and revitalized rubber seal. As a result, it goes back to its regular size before any leak and becomes more flexible.

Features and ratings

Let’s get through the different features and values you get from the product. I will also rate them so you can have an easier time understanding how good it is. So, let’s get through them one by one.


Something you will love about the product is its effectiveness. It never lets you down with the functionality. Whenever you face any leaks on your hydraulic, you can use this product to fix all the leaking issues with your hydraulic for the unforeseeable future.

Also, it helps in restoring the rubber seal to its original state. It does an excellent job of fixing the hydraulic without requiring too much effort. So, whenever you have a leaking issue in your hydraulic, you can always rely on this one.

Rating: 5/5


Now, there are two things to look out for here. Is it safe for your car? The answer is yes. It doesn’t harm your car in any way. It doesn’t contain any harmful components for your car engine to mess up. So, you can use this product without any worries about your car.

However, it’s not safe for you to use it entirely. You shouldn’t use the product without wearing protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and masks. You must avoid any contact with your skin with this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


You don’t need to worry about compatibility when you use this product. You can use this one for all hydraulics out there. So, no matter what model of car you have or what engine you are running, you can use this without any doubt if you have hydraulic leaks.

Rating: 5/5

Value for money

Well, this is a questionable aspect of this product. It’s pretty expensive for a one-time solution. If you don’t have to use multiple cars, this may seem a bit too much. However, considering the effectiveness of this product, it’s undoubtedly worth the money.

If you don’t mind paying for something that will get the job done, this has great value. Also, if you have to use this for multiple cars, you can get that value pretty quickly out of this one.

Rating: 3/5


Here is something that I have to say I didn’t like too much. Also, many people have had issues with the packaging. The bottle you get this product in is a bit flimsy and leaks very often. It can happen very often when you are getting the product delivered.

Rating: 2/5

Well, if you can get past the lousy packaging, which can be improved by the company pretty quickly, it’s a great product to have. You can hardly find anything as effective as this one out there which makes it even more significant.

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All in all, the BlueDevil hydraulic stop leak is a great product to stop any leaking issue with your hydraulic. It works wonders for your engine, and you don’t have to go through a lot to get that done either. It’s also super easy to use that requires no prior professional experience.

So, if you want to fix the hydraulic leaking of your car by yourself, this is the best solution. Keep in mind that you have to spend quite a lot to get your hands on this one. However, it’s worth all the money you pay for this one.

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