Best Wireless Charger Car Mount: Review and Buyer’s Guide

In this review, we will go over the best wireless charger mounts on the market today. We will also go over some of the factors that you should consider in case you’re in the market for one of these chargers.

Wireless phone chargers today come in different designs, and each one of them has different features. You should consider both the features and the usability of these tools.

Wireless charger mount, of course, adds a level of convenience. You don't have to worry about wires sticking out in places where they shouldn't be. You won't have to think about the type of plug or cable that will fit into your phone.

Finding the right wireless car charger mount is all about matching the features that are available in the market to your specific needs. Here are our top 3 recommendations for the best wireless car chargers.

Best Wireless Charger Car Mounts 2020

Solid phone clamp, Qi protection certified, dual USB charging, adjustable bottom tray

Fast and safe charging, Qi certified, 2 in 1 design, works well with thick phone cases

Automatic clamping arms, Qi certified, windshield and dash mountable design

Vikano Automatic 10w Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder Air Vent & Dashboard

One of the things that people hate about wireless car charger mounts is the fact that they don’t hold the phone in place. Sure they might work well for the first few days, but after that you notice that your phone keeps falling off the mount.

Part of the fault is in the design of the mount. It may be able to hold the phone when the car is parked, but when the vehicle is in motion, it falls off when you roll over bumps.

That is not the case with this Vikano. It is outfitted with a motorized clamp that holds your phone firmly in place. That is only one of the features that you will appreciate from this quality charger mount.

Vikano Wireless Car Charger Mount

Key Features:

  • Charging is safe and fast
  • Qi certified
  • Adjustable viewing – the arm pivots from 4. 9” to 8. 3”
  • Dual USB charging – charger comes with 2 USB ports so you can charge 2 phones at the same time.
  • Adjustable bottom tray

  • Cshidworld Auto Clamping 10W/7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Mount

    This in our considered opinion, is one of the best wireless car charger mounts in the market today. The outstanding design and protection features of this fast charging car mount are a notch above the rest.

    Note that all the top 3 wireless car charger mounts in this review are about within the same price point. So the price of the product is not a huge issue. The charger that comes with this unit is pretty fast.

    It can charge a phone up to 100% in 10 minutes or less. The clamping mechanism on this charger mount is also pretty sturdy. The mount also has a pair of release buttons on the charging plate, which makes releasing the phone quite easily.

    If there is one downside to this thing is that some people make it a habit to touch those two release buttons when handling this charging mount. Thus they end up accidentally releasing their phones. It’s not the mount’s fault though.

    Cshidworld Car Charger Mount

    Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 design—car phone holder and wireless charger in one.
  • Very easy to use—you can mount your phone using just one hand. 2 quick release buttons on each side so you can quickly remove your phone when you want to take it off the mount.
  • Viewing angle is highly adjustable—the mount rotates 360°, which allows you to easily adjust accordingly.
  • Reliable protection—Qi certified for wireless charging efficiency. It also comes with overvoltage protection, anti-reverse safeguard, EMF protection, and overpower protection. The charger automatically turns off charging function when the phone's battery is full.
  • Works well even if you have a thick phone case—no need to remove the phone case. This wireless charger mount will charge your phone even with a thick cover on.

  • VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

    The neat feature that we liked about this Vanmass charger is its phone gripping system. If the phone accidentally slips from hand as you try to mount it on this thing, it will automatically clamp onto the phone. No more slip ups!

    Note that this Vanmass wireless charger mount is slightly more expensive than the other two wireless car charger mounts. It has pretty much the same features. The build quality is pretty good, and it can work well with pretty much every phone.

    VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

    Key Features:

  • Automatic clamping arms
  • Adjustable view and stable mount arm
  • Wide compatibility
  • Qi certified intelligent wireless charging technology
  • Windshield and dash mountable design.
  • Wireless Charger Car Mount Buyer’s Guide

    There are several factors that you should consider when you’re in the market for a wireless car charger mount. We’ll go over the different factors that you should consider in the guide below


    This shouldn't be the first one that you should consider, but we will start with that so we can get it out of the way. Everyone wants their car interiors to look great.

    That is why the aesthetics of a charger mount is essential. Some designs are too bulky while others are just plain ugly. That means they don't match the design of your dash or they look like some alien piece of equipment.

    The best practice is that you should get one that matches your dash.

    car mount buyer guide


    Installation should be easy. You don't want to drill holes for any screws or what not. That will be a considerable inconvenience. All of the top 3 best wireless car charger mounts on our list above are easily mountable on both a car’s air vent, dash, and on the window.

    Type and Accessibility

    The type and accessibility of the mount should match your driving habits. A lot of them will have a cradle to hold your phone. What you’re looking for is a mount that makes driving and using your phone’s drive features very easy. You don’t want one that will make you look too far down, to the side, or way up from the windshield. The viewer angle should also be adjustable to suit your preferred view.


    You will be driving over bumpy roads from time to time. It would be quite an inconvenience if your phone keeps falling off from the mount.

    Charging Speed and Protection Features

    The charging speed is also a concern. A fast phone charger will be useful during times when you need to use your phone while it’s charging. Protection features include overcharge and overvoltage protection among other things.

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