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How to Connect Your Phone to Your Car

Connect Phone to Car

It’s time to take it for a drive. Of course, one of the first things you need to figure out is how to connect your phone to your car.

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How Often Should You Upgrade Your Car Speakers?


Any car enthusiast will appreciate having the best sound system installed for their car. how often should you upgrade car speakers? read this article.

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How Does OBD2 Scanner Work & How To Use It


Cars are not only vehicles that can take you where you desire to go, but they’re also considered as computers on four wheels. The OBD2 is a system required to be incorporated in all car models. Today, all cars have this system in them. It has lots of functions, and it allows you to know the general […]

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Sealed vs. Ported Subwoofer: Which One is for You?


And so, you finally decided to make driving your car more fun by adding some oomph to your audio system. If you already have some idea on how to proceed, then you’re most likely shopping around now for car subwoofers. But, if you’re new to this – where and how do you start? Peers say […]

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An Easy to Follow Guide on How to Measure Car Speakers

measure car speakers

We’ve reviewed more than our fair share of car speakers as of late. Aftermarket speakers are very popular for people looking for either a replacement or an upgrade. One of the most common questions we’ve been receiving about them is with regards to their measurement.Curious about this question, we asked Nick, who has been a […]

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Car Stereo Troubleshooting, What to Do When Your Car Stereo Stops Working

car stereo troubleshooting

Car stereos are indispensable for some people, as what proved for a group of friends one fine evening. Who even knew that car stereo troubleshooting would be the highlight of the night? The group was on their way to a friend’s house and they wanted the mood to be a little cheery. After all, it […]

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