About Making Your Car Shoot Flames Out of Exhaust

So you want your car to shoot flames, huh?

It actually makes sense – wanting to see your car’s exhaust pipes spit flames into thin air like some sort of a fire-breathing dragon. It’s cool, and BADASS.

Car flame throwing seems to be one of the coolest stuff you’ll ever see in your life. Well, of course, that would be second to seeing cars actually catching on fire. What an oxymoron, isn’t it – how flames become a cool thing? Lol.

Well anyway, if you want your cars to shoot flames, there are actually several techniques on how to do it – excluding the idea of getting your car into a crash causing it to catch fire, burn, and totally explode – leaving you with no more vehicle (oh, snap!). 

But first things first, you would have to know how cars shoot flames.

cars to shoot flames

So in general, cars shoot flames when there is excess fuel in the exhaust pipe. It becomes very hot after hard driving – hot enough to ignite the excess fuel and produce flames like the one you see in fast-track exhibitions and/or competitions. The question, however, is, ‘How do you end up with excess fuel in your exhaust pipe?

My friend, that is actually pretty simple. The initial step is to become rich. Yes, no kidding in this part. You have to be rich to be able to afford this flame-throwing hobby you’re dying to execute. That, and you need a fuel-rich setting to do this easily.

The idea is to have the engine not burn up all the fuel and spit it out into the hot exhaust system. You have to be careful though, as an overly rich setting will foul up you plugs easily and stall your engine, which would be embarrassing.

Shoot Flames

After spending for fuel, now you have to make sure that your car’s exhaust is dumped with lots of fuel. Doing this is quite easy really – you just have to accelerate your car very hard, making sure its throttle is widely opened. After that, just slide your foot off the accelerator to shut the throttle as quickly as possible.

Going wide-open increases the air/fuel mixture going into the engine and also heats up the exhaust manifold. Suddenly letting go of the gas pedal forces the fuel-rich mixture past the combustion chamber and into the hot exhaust. Thus, flames.

When you have exactly the right amount of oxygen to burn up all the fuel in your exhaust, your car will be experiencing a stoichiometric mixture. Typically, the air component should be 14.7 parts for every 1 part fuel. If there is more air in your car’s chamber than the amount of fuel inside, then I’m afraid you might not be able to run your car flame throwing activity successfully.

However, if there is more fuel in the chamber than air, that only means there would be excess fuel leftover, and where does that go? 

It will go into the pipes, and voila! Now you have flames going out of your car! The larger amount of fuel you store into the exhaust, the bigger the impact will be. More so if you have a turbocharged car since it is much easier to heat up a turbocharger. Just ask the rally guys.

Another alternative for your car to shoot flames involves getting rid of your catalytic converter and fitting a straight-through exhaust. The catalytic converter, or ‘cats’, is that part of your car that is responsible for cleaning up stuff like fuel from exiting the car

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It is one great equipment for protecting the environment, but at the same time can antagonize your fiery intentions. You see, if your car has cats, precious metals like platinum in a honeycomb-like shape get rid of the toxins in your car, burning up your vehicle’s excess fuel. Burning up excess fuels leaves less or no more fuel for fire. So if you want to shoot flames, make sure you get rid of your car’s cats.

Exhaust Flamethrower Kit

Lastly, you can also make your car shoot flames by settling for a more simple procedure – that is, setting up flame thrower kits. A flame thrower kit is very accessible that you no longer have to see a car parts seller to grab one. All you have to do is open your laptop, go to shopping sites like Amazon or eBay, then purchase the flame thrower kit you like best, and then yey – express delivery at the comfort of your own home! This kit is basically attached to a spark plug into your car’s exhaust pipe. After that, check for buttons inside your car. Once you see the big, red button, just click it and then BOOM!

There you have it, your most desired flames going out of your car’s exhaust pipe.

flames out exhaust pipe

So, that’s it. That’s how you shoot flames. Usually this is the time where I should be telling you that this car flame-throwing activity is only done by experts and people with so much experience in fast-paced driving.

This is the point where I should be telling to not try this unless you are very sure of it and if and only if you are willing to take the risk of losing your life (or if it makes it less sad and tragic, your car) into a fiery catastrophe. 

However, I think you are certain in doing this for you were able to reach until this part of this essay, and I prefer to believe you will be doing just fine experimenting on car flame-throwing. Just a friendly reminder, buddy: Always be careful. Buckle up, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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  1. How coold, I had no idea that there was a way to make exhaust flames come out like that for real. I definitely would have to try it at least once.

  2. The exhaust flames from our cars is necessary and can also cause danger if fuel leak is notice. Nice review and thanks for sharing.

  3. Seriously, I dont know how to make my car shoot flames and even the importance. Thanks for this great review

  4. I learn from your posts on daily basis. Its important to know what causes flames from exhaust in your car. Thanks for this post.

  5. Well, for my part, I prefer to buy a flamethrower kit for my car, I see it more practical, with this kit I don’t need technicians or mechanics to install it, well, what if they are bad flamethrower kits for your car ?, that is verified It’s using the flamethrower kits, if you don’t give yourself the chance to meet them you’ll never find out.

  6. Well if it is for a car show exhaust flames are cool I admit. However if it is on a common car then that is a different story. This is why an annual car check is vital.

  7. It sure looks like fun getting your car into fire exhaust mode. But not everyone would be into it I suppose. They’d mostly be concerned with their cars catching fire than trying this one out.

  8. Shooting exhaust flames is plain dangerous.. Thank God you said it should be left to experts.. The fact that some people get their kicks from this is something i can’t wrap my head around


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