The Powerbass 3 Hole Angled 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Review

The 12-inch Power Bass 12 (3 holes, angled) box/car subwoofer box/enclosure is ideal for people who own big cars that are in need of some solid rock and booming party sounds. You can put in your favorite 12-inch speakers in it without worrying about sound quality degradation.

You can only install two speakers in usual speaker enclosure boxes. Most of them are made of cheap materials that make your speaker sound bad.

Most of the people who bought this bad boy installed it on their old vintage cars. Its durable and nice-looking charcoal carpet jibes well with old upholstery. In newer and bigger cars, expect that there will be some wiggle room.

Car subwoofer box - Power BASS12 Details

The product is 35 inches (81.28 centimeters) long, 20.2 inches (51.30 centimeters) wide, and has a depth/height of 15 inches (38.10 centimeters). It has an airspace of 1.87 cubic feet (0.053 cubic meter).

It is ideal for 12-inch subwoofers, but you can put it in any speaker that you want as long that it will fit. Of course, expect that other speakers other than subwoofers will produce a “bassy” sound and some of the trebles will be lost.

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The product weighs 44 pounds (19.95 kilograms). It sports a charcoal carpet exterior while its interior does not have any coating or cover on its surface.

Its terminal cups feature easy push buttons. This means that wiring the speakers to your audio system will not be a hassle. Its item model number is BASS12 3HOLE. You can get more information about the product on Amazon.

Car Subwoofer box/enclosure Installation

When installing subwoofers in enclosures, the first step is to deal with the wiring. The wiring installation of the speakers in this enclosure depends on your preferred setup. You have two options: parallel or series.

Whatever you decide on, the next step is to place the quick female disconnects on the wires of your speakers. The disconnects will make it easier for you to connect the speaker to the enclosure’s terminals inside, which has male connects.
Power BASS12

Slide in the disconnects to the connects. Make sure that you connect the wires to the proper polarity ([+] positive or [-] negative). Negative is often the black wire. And the positive is often a red (or any other color apart from black) wire.

If the connection is not tightly fit, use a plier to squeeze the female disconnects. Remember to make sure that the connection is firm and tight. The vibration and sound pressure produced by the speakers and the enclosure can rattle the connections off. Another option to secure the connection is to use heat shrinks.

The next step is installing the woofers. It is crucial that you install the woofers tightly (but not too tight) to avoid ruining the enclosure material. Some subwoofers come preinstalled with a foam gasket to prevent air from leaking out of the enclosure. If your speaker does not have that foam, then make one. You can also use sealants if you prefer.

Then, screw the subwoofers on the enclosure. Use wood screws and they should penetrate all the way inside the box. This prevents sound vibrations to rattle them off the panels.

Screw the speakers in a star pattern. Just placing the screws over to the next hole raises the risk of warping your woofer’s gasket.

After that, connect your speakers to your car’s audio system. For more information about speaker installation, you can follow this YouTube video here

Car subwoofer box - Power BASS12 Review

The material used in building this product is solid and heavy. Those qualities help a lot in amplifying the bass sounds of your subwoofers. Thanks to that, performing a subwoofer hair trick becomes easy — a great way to impress any date riding in your car.

Despite its greatness, it still has its downside —just one. Since the makers forced the enclosure to handle three speakers despite its size, the two holes need to be angled. The angled holes result to shorter mounting depths for two speakers.

The shorter mount depth may cause the magnets of the speakers at the two ends to hit the middle dividers. This issue may cause the enclosure to vibrate a lot more and lose a bit of bass.

That problem can be solved by adding spacers to the hole and the speaker. It will push the speakers outward a bit from the enclosure, but that “issue” is negligible. After all, the enclosure will be installed on your car’s trunk, which is out of sight.


When it comes to similar products, the biggest strengths of the Q Power subwoofer enclosure are price and quality. This product costs below a hundred dollars while similar products with the same quality can go as high as $300.

On the other hand, comparing it to other enclosures, you get the best value from this product. Note that a single enclosure can cost you $50 up to $75. A double enclosure costs around $80 to $120. Most of them are as big as this car subwoofer box. 

The three biggest pros of the product are price, quality, and practicality. The biggest con is its form factor that may force you to put spacers for big 12-inch speakers.


For more information about car subwoofers,  read it.

This  box/car subwoofer box/enclosure is perfect for music lovers with vintage and big cars. People who love having mini sonic booms inside their vehicle will love this.

It is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget and want to make sure that the quality of the subwoofers you have will not be lost once you install them in your car.

You can opt for small single enclosures, but it will only hurt your budget and make installation a big pain.

Installation of the enclosure is pretty easy. You can do it yourself. Just make sure you follow the guide written here or closely watch the YouTube video linked in this article.

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