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brakes squeak

What Causes Brakes Squeak When Driving (Stopping Slow or Braking Lightly) and How to Fix It

If your brakes squeak when stopping slow, then read this post till the end to know about the causes and also the ways to fix them.

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grinding noise braking

Grinding Noise While Braking But Pads Are Fine: Common Causes and Consequence

This article will tell you the common causes and consequence of grinding noise when braking but pads are fine, and new brakes make grinding noise at low speed or when stopping

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Toyota VSC light

Guide on VSC Light, What Does It Mean, and How to Reset Toyota VSC Light

When the Toyota VSC Light is lit, it means that your vehicle’s traction control will not work. Let’s talk about that VSC light on your Toyota,

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Bad Shift Linkage Bushing Symptoms

What Are the Bad Shift Linkage Bushing Symptoms?

I have several experiences with a bad shift linkage bushing and here are some of the most common bad shift linkage bushing symptoms

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SRS light

The SRS Light, Meaning, Causes and How to Do if SRS Light On

Running with the SRS light on is a clear safety hazard. Here you will learn that what SRS light means, causes and what to do if the SRS light on

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Service Engine Soon light

What Does the Service Engine Soon Light Mean & How to Fix

Running with the SRS light on is a clear safety hazard. Here you will learn what Service Engine Soon Light – Meaning, Causes and Fix

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