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Metal Shavings in Oil, Problems Caused and Fixes

Metal Shavings in Oil

The article discusses the metal shavings in oil. You shall know the metal shavings significantly affect the oil and filter replacements.

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Oil in Intake Manifold, Causes and Fixes

Oil in Intake Manifold

intake manifold requires frequent cleaning and inspection. here I would like to say something about oil in the intake manifold and how to get rid of it.

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Bad PCV Valve Symptoms, How Much Does It Cost to Change PCV Valve

Bad PVC Valve Symptoms

The article enlists the signs of Bad PCV Valve, shares to you with its symptoms, and How Much Does It Cost to Change PCV Valve.

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Guide on VSC Light, What Does It Mean, and How to Reset Toyota VSC Light

Toyota VSC light

When the Toyota VSC Light is lit, it means that your vehicle’s traction control will not work. Let’s talk about that VSC light on your Toyota,

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Temporary Fuel Pump Fix: How to Fix a Fuel Pump without Replacing It

temporary fuel pump fix

Here we’re going to talk about how to make a fuel pump work again. Include some temporary fuel pump fix tricks, how to fix a fuel pump without replacing It.

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What Are the Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms?

Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms

Ignoring signs of a bad fuel filter can damage significant engine parts. The article helps you to recognize the bad fuel filter symptoms, and how to check in what shape it is.

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