Everything You Need to Know About the Nakamoto Rotor and Brake Pad Kit

As everybody may know, driving can be risky at times. This is why investing in automotive parts that perform their task well is a vital task that every driver must do.

When it comes to automotive parts, it is no doubt that brakes are essential. Brakes can make or break a vehicle’s safety since people’s lives depend on it. This makes buying brakes a vital task that most vehicle owners must learn.

Here, you will learn everything you need to know about the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit, how it works, and if you should buy one. Hopefully, this Nakamoto brake review will make automotive shopping a little less tedious for you.

About the Nakamoto Brand

Nakamoto is a Taiwan-based company founded by the Lin family about 35 years ago. It has grown to be a global supplier of automotive parts and services in over 50 countries. With its pursuit to provide quality, it became a favorite in the automotive industry.

Quality Check

As brakes are essential in securing safety while on the road, they must be of high-quality. This is something that Nakamoto excels in. With its expensive automatic sand-casting lines, you're assured of their high quality.

Nakamoto Rotor quality


You might also take note that their manufacturing processes are man-less. They also make over 350 castings per hour. This ensures that every brake rotor has the same materials and completed with the same procedures.

About the Nakamoto Rotor and Brake Pad Kit

A new addition to the automotive market, the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit is a state-of-the-art brake with just the right size.

This product is also compliant with Original Equipment (OE) standards, eco-friendly, and promises to perform for over 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers).

Nakamoto Rotor brands

Why the Nakamoto Rotor and Brake Pad Kit Exists
The Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit are here to correct the mistakes of other stock brakes. It also aims to show new materials and processes, hence applying the brand’s eco endeavors.

To Whom Was It Designed For
Like other automotive parts, the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit are for car owners who look for efficient and affordable brakes.

If you’re into eco-friendly products, this product will also check all the boxes for you.

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Nakamoto Brake Specifications

When it comes to buying automotive parts, it is essential to know whether they follow your needs. Below are notable features of the Nakamoto Rotor and Brake Pad Kit:

Let’s start with its brake pad. It has an eight-piece front and rear brake pad set, shims, and pro-grade ceramic brake pads. Its combination of high-density materials makes it friction-resistant. This is in line on why brakes exist – to provide safety.

Aside from its technical features, its manufacturing process deems promising. If you’re into eco-friendly materials that do the job right, this product is right for you.

the Nakamoto Rotor specification


The next part you need to learn about is its brake rotor. It’s a zinc-coated, ceramic rotor that comes as a set of four items. Its zinc coating makes the material immune to corrosion and rust – which is a common problem. With this advantage, accidentally pouring gasoline won’t be a problem anymore.

As you can observe, both featured materials here are ceramics. This makes the product dust-resistant; hence making it long-lasting.

Its limited resin level makes them less prone to fading and glazing – which results in distorted components. Remember that too much resin induces heat build up on its friction material.

Nakamoto Brake Design

As you might have read, its manufacturing process doesn't involve human interaction. This means that robots and other machines operate it.

Nakamoto Rotor design


The manufacturing works well with the product since each piece has an equal amount of metals. This ensures its durability, strength, and structural integrity. This makes driving a lot safer.

Generally, its intricate assembly makes the product’s operations smooth and quiet. Forget about brakes that screech every time you use them.

Installation and Usage

For its installation, its drilled slots and holes make assembly a breeze. Its ceramics go through level thermal scorching which allows for smooth breaking-in. Aside from that, this also removes impurities that result in higher friction levels.

If you’re worried that the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit will break after using it many times, worry not. Its stopping power will be the same regardless of conditions and applied strength. Whether you're using them in high load or high speed, they will work just as well.

the Nakamoto Rotor installation
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Things We Liked

Now that you’ve known the basics of how this product works, it is now the time to learn about its advantages. Below are the pros of the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit:

  • Sturdy brakes
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant due to its zinc coating
  • Smooth and quiet operations
  • Long-lasting due to its high-density friction materials
  • Easy installation with its preset drill slots and holes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made for extreme safety, durability, and comfort
  • Reduced brake fading and glazing

Things We Didn’t Like

  • As for its cons, there’s only one thing that the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit must work on. This is to allow the product to be more accessible to the market. Since this is a new product, there aren’t many reviews on the internet on how this product works.


Since this is a new product, only a few customers shared their own opinions on this product. However, it’s so far, so good.

Its customers dig the product’s dark and classy finish, which makes it appealing.

Aside from aesthetics, its buyers also got a fair deal since the products come in a set at an affordable price.

If you’re worried about replacements, it comes with direct replacements for front and rear rotors.

Nakamoto Rotor testimonial


FAQ: Nakamoto Brakes, etc.

Should You Buy It?

Admit it, buying automotive parts can be overwhelming if you don’t have much background. However, the product coming from a reputable brand at an affordable price might set the deal for many.

How do you break in Nakamoto brakes?

With scorched ceramic pads, breaking in with Nakamoto brakes is often quick and smooth. The specific scorching makes the brake so simple to break in no matter what type of car you’re driving.

Are Nakamoto brakes a good investment?

Nakamoto brake pads may be new in the auto industry, but they are really good in terms of durability and friction wear resistance. Also, the kit offers replacements for both the rear and front brake rotors for better performance. The rotors become hot while they hold down brake pedal to allow the pads to leave an imprint.


From manufacturing to operations, the Nakamoto rotor and brake pad kit will allow you to make driving a little less nerve-wracking

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