Common problems why your car makes noise when accelerating and solutions

The worst thing to experience as a car owner is when your car starts making weird noises. It’s the most difficult part of having a car problem. It’s not only disturbing but also makes you think of what is wrong with your car constantly.

Now, if you are facing whining noise when accelerating, then that is undoubtedly a problem. But you have to keep in mind that some noises while the acceleration is average too. So, how to tell the difference?

That’s what I will discuss here today. I will go through some everyday noises that happen when you accelerate. Stick till the end as I will give you solutions to these problems as well.

Common problems why your car makes noise when accelerating

Well, there are lots of reasons that can cause noises out of your vehicle. I will go through the most common ones that are universal to all kinds of cars out there. So, let’s get going with it.

Squeaking and squealing noises from a faulty belt

Do you hear a squeaking noise every time you start to accelerate or make a turn? If you do, then a faulty belt can be the cause of that. Belt noise usually comes from the belt of your car engine.

This noise indicates that the belt on your car is either loose or has worn out. Also, you can get this noise if one of the pulleys holding the belt starts failing. Altogether, if the belt can’t move smoothly when you operate your car, it will make a noise. And this will keep happening until you get it fixed.

Does this pose any threat? Yes, if you neglect this issue, the belt can completely break and cause even more damage to your car engine. It may even become unfixable.

Rumbling noise from the exhaust leakage

Usually, your exhaust will have a loud noise whenever you accelerate. And there is nothing to worry about that. It’s the natural process of the engine to take the exhaust gas from the front to the back.

Now, sometimes you might come across a rumbling noise that isn’t the regular exhaust sound. It becomes more prominent when you start to accelerate. The reason for this is a leakage in the exhaust system. In this scenario, the engine has to work harder to put out the same exhaustion since there is a leak.

Also, the muffler can’t work correctly to cut out the noise because of the leak, which makes the sound even louder. Of course, you will need to fix this problem as soon as possible because you probably don’t want a leakage in your car parts, right?

Whining noise when accelerating

Now, if you are facing whining noises or singing noises whenever you are accelerating, there are several causes for that. One is a faulty transmission. When your transmission is faulty, it probably will have issues with the gears. So, whenever you accelerate, the gears move and make the noise.

Another reason can cause a fluid leakage in your transmission. Because of a leakage, your transmission may lack transmission fluid which makes it function smoothly in the first place.

Aside from problems with the transmission, you can also have problems with the alternator bearings, the steering fluid, or even a faulty AC compressor. A non-functional water pump and broken piston can cause this issue as well.

So, when you hear whining noises during acceleration, you have to worry the most. Because it just comes with so many probable causes that you must look into immediately.

Now, these are the common sounds you may hear while accelerating. Or at least they get louder whenever you accelerate. So, if you hear any of these sounds, you can have an idea of where things went wrong.

Although just knowing what’s wrong won’t be enough, I guess. That’s why let’s take a look at the fixes you should be thinking of with each problem.

How to fix the noises

For some of these problems, you have to rely on professional help, while you can fix yourself for some. Let’s check out the fixes –

  • Fixing belt noises: When you have a belt noise meaning a squeaking or squealing sound, you have to check the engine’s belt. If you find it loose, then tightening it should fix the problem. If you see it’s worn out, you will need to replace the belt with a new one that doesn’t cost too much. So, altogether it’s a pretty easy fix for you.
  • Fixing the rumbling noises: As this noise happens due to a leak in the exhaust, you first have to find the leak. Once you find it, you will have to repair your exhaust by replacing the leaking component.

After you install the new components, recheck your exhaust for any other leak and also see if the components fit in perfectly or not. This one is also a pretty easy fix to try out.

  • Fixing whining noises: Now, this is a problem that may take a lot of work. Because many parts can be responsible for making this noise, you may even need to run a checkup on all of them.

You have to check the transmission for issues like fluid leakage or faulty gears. After going through them, you have to replace the defective parts which isn’t the easiest thing to do. If your transmission isn’t the issue, you have to check the other parts.

You have to go through the alternator bearings, the steering fluid, AC compressor, water pump, and some pistons. This can be a lot of work to go through.

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This is why the best thing to do in case of a whining noise is to opt for professional help. Because determining the problematic part and fixing it will be a lot of work for you. And it’s also quite difficult.

Wrap up

All in all, you shouldn’t be too worried about your car making noises, except for whining noise when accelerating. Because with the other noises, it’s easy to identify the reason and source of the problem. But with the whining noises, you have to go through a whole to figure out what went wrong. Also, the easiest solution to any noise problem with your car is to go to a mechanic.

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