Oil Drain Plug Stuck, Step-by-Step & Quick Guide

If you are making an effort to be financially and mechanically accountable from changing the oil, one thing that you do not like to encounter is the complication. You can be in the process of changing the oil of your car, but you do not have the proper tools for the task. The same way that if the oil drain plug stuck while you are in the process of the oil change, how are you going to respond to it? It simply tells you that you should always be ready before you consider starting a task.

Oil pans in vehicles hold the engine oil. These pans utilize drain plugs to hold the oil through it. Hence, when changing the engine oil, you should remove the oil drain plug. However, what will happen if the oil drain plug stuck? What will be your steps to remove the plug?

The primary reason for having a stuck oil drain plug is the occurrence of sludge. That structure in the drain plug leads it to the instance of being hard to be removed through the traditional approach. The grease or dirt develops in the drain plug if the oil used in the engine has lapsed the time of the ideal oil change.

The oil happens to oxidize with high temperatures. While oxidation, the engine oil’s molecules perish. The molecules combine with the dirt that forms in the engine originating from combustion, which comprises metallic particles, carbon, fuel, and water, creating a viscous sludge.

Another factor that could lead to a stuck oil drain plug is too much tightening. This occurs if a non-skilled person executes regular maintenance. If you tighten the drain plug excessively, you are destroying the screw pitch. If you excessively tightened the plug, you should replace the entire oil pan. You may also do some machining methods in the hole of the screw to keep the ruined part and change the plug with a brand-new one.

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Tips on How to Remove Stuck Oil Drain Plug

Vehicles use oil drain plugs to hold the oil in the oil pan. To replace the oil, the first thing to do is to drain the used oil, and to perform it; you must remove the oil drain plug. However, there are times that the oil drain plug gets stuck simply because the oil was not replaced, or at times it is just because someone has tightened it too much during the last service. To help you remove the oil drain plug stuck, here are some tips that you can try:

Step 1: Warm Up the Vehicle

To warm up the car, you can either set it into idle for several minutes or utilize the time of doing your short task. While you warm up the car, the inner parts and fundamentals are warming up at the same time, and that includes the oil drain plug.

After a few minutes of setting it to idle, turn off the vehicle and bring yourself beneath it. You can get a creepy crawler or jacks to help yourself. Find the drain plug and rotate it through counterclockwise. Expectedly, you must be able to remove it since the warmth will help break up the seal that is developed easily.

Step 2: Utilize a Hammer

Drizzle infiltrating oil into the oil plug and allow it to settle for a few hours. Get a hammer, bring yourself beneath the vehicle, and lightly hit with a hammer. See to it that you are tapping in the right path, which is counterclockwise. Bear in mind that it can take several taps to loosen it.

Step 3: Utilize a Socket Watch

Get a long directed socket wrench and make an effort to twist off the oil drain plug. A longer-sized socket wrench performs excellent since it gives you plenty of additional torque.

Step 4: Consider a Gator Grip

A gator grip has tiny teeth that could help you in removing the drain plug from the pan. Simply cloak it through the drain plug and rotate counter clockwise.

Step 5: Put a bit of Lubricant

If you already tried the above methods and you still find yourself failing, consider getting some lubricant to lubricate the surrounding part of the thread. This, together with the warmth or heat, can help you take the oil drain plug off through the use of some extra tools.

Step 6: Ask the Help of the Professional

Sadly, if you get into this step, it simply means that all other methods did not work effectively in removing the oil drain plug. But still, you must mourn. It is not discouraged to get help from experts if you are dealing with complications.

Sometimes you will see the thread to be entirely stripped or notice the plugs to be cross-threaded, and in different circumstances, it will not be possible for you to take out the oil drain plug with other approaches. Bring it to a repair center and check if they can take it off or loosen it for you.

Nevertheless, you should be cautious about whom you get help with. See to it that you are referring to an expert. You must also make sure that the repair procedures that will be done to your car are safe. Ask the person to tell you what is being done and why. Taking off a stuck oil drain plug may demand certain machining skills to prevent the scenario from occurring again after replacing the plug.

How to remove a stripped or rounded oil drain plug YouTube Video:

Wrap Up

Hence, getting an oil drain plug stuck is not a big issue. You now have the idea on how to remove to take off the oil drain plug stuck. You also know the appropriate tools to get when taking off the plug. Lastly, I recommend that you get the assistance of professionals and experts if you think that you are executing it the wrong way. Bear in mind that safety should always come first, no matter what happens.

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