P0345 CODE: Causes and Fixes, Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction Bank 2

“The check engine light just wouldn’t turn off.” – I complained.

Little did I know that even after months of vigorous and meticulous research on the engine parts, the error loomed in the camshaft sensor. Have you ever heard of this before?

Because I haven’t, and quite frankly, I’m shocked at this revelation, but came up with the quickest tricks needed to rectify it. Come along on a journey where I’ve researched enough letting you know how to fix a p0345 code.

Let’s start with the basic what’s and how’s, and then we will hop onto how to resolve this misery.

What’s a p0345 code?

The code simply indicates that the car's computing system has denoted an error that involves incorrect voltage readings from the camshaft position sensor bank 2. At this point, your vehicle’s computer system will demand information on the camshaft speed and position, which will further ensure adequate engine time and fuel readings during any driving scenario.

This information is presented by the camshaft position sensor. Usually, the teeth at the forefront of the camshaft create a pattern as the signal gets blocked. The pattern is thus sent to the vehicle's computer system and utilized to analyze fuel delivery and engine time. This is also when the computer will detect the error – if there's any, and set it as p0345 code.

There are multiple causes that can cause this casualty, and some of them are listed below.

Causes of Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 2:

  • A defective camshaft or crankshaft position sensor.
  • Short, burnt, or open wiring.
  • Fluid or corroded soaked sensor.
  • A faulty PCM error.
  • Bad camshaft sensor.
  • Faulty battery.
  • Faulty starter motor.
  • Issues regarding the starting system circuit.
  • VTC solenoid.
  • Faulty and dirty reluctor ring on the crankshaft.
  • Misaligned and enhances timing components.
  • ECM software is not upgraded.
  • Damaged ECM.

  • Symptoms of Camshaft Sensor Malfunction:

    To be further alert, I have listed some generic symptoms that go into signaling a red alarm in the camshaft sensor. Check for these symptoms in your vehicle. You may read this article to learn more about bad camshaft position sensor symptoms.

  • Check engine light remains on.
  • Difficulty with starting the vehicle.
  • No start.
  • Rough idling and stalling.
  • Engine misfire.
  • Power loss during drives.
  • Poor gas mileage and fuel readings.
  • Car dithers during acceleration.
  • The exhaust pipe releases a gas odor.
  • Degrading engine performance.
  • Over-heating in the catalytic converter.
  • Spark backfires during deceleration.
  • Let’s jump into the real deal now. Below are the steps that you must articulate in order to get rid of the p0345 code error. Start with the basic know-how and then move on to applying them.

    How to fix bank two camshaft position sensor:

    Let's start with diagnosing the problem first. P0345 camshaft position sensor, a circuit bank 2 location, isn't a complicated and long process if you pay enough attention. Follow these warning signs in order to be more alert and take immediate action.

    1. Analyze the camshaft position sensor - Visually analyze the camshaft position sensor bank 2. Be on the lookout for corrosion, frayed or broken wirings on the sensor.
    2. Analyze the connectors - Next, you must search the bank two camshaft position sensor, and denote any broken or corroded connectors.
    3. Make other repairs - Furthermore, if such mishaps are located, they must be eradicated immediately. Make every other repair on code errors that need to be done and then move onto code p0345.
    4. Check camshaft readings - Check the camshaft's readings regarding the voltage, signals, and ground with the help of a multimeter. You can also check YouTube videos at this stage to excel further in your inspection and verification.
    5. Further faulty signs - Another symptom of such error could be noticed that the camshaft sensor fails to produce a signal or voltage. This is a sign of possible debris, misalignment, or damage to the reluctor ring; hence, you will have to remove it. If, however, you notice that the reluctor ring is in perfect condition, then move on to replacing the sensor.
    6. Pay attention to the crankshaft position sensor - It is wiser to excel with the same procedure to the crankshaft sensor and the circuits. You must replace those too, if the tests fail.
    7. Keep performing the tests - At this point, if things still seem fishy, continually perform these tests on both the crankshaft and camshaft sensors between the ECM. Upon discovering further faults in these areas, replace them too.
    8. Take a trip to the mechanic - If the mentioned steps still do not preclude the engine code p0345 errors, then it’s highly likely that the faults or errors are embedded deeper; your next best option would be to seek help from an expert or mechanic.

    News flash – this job is relatively easier than eradicating most other errors in your vehicle. Check for the earliest signs, and you can get hooked with replacing them quicker. Good luck!

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