P0410: A Malfunctioning Secondary Air Injection System, Causes and Fixes

Are you struggling with the CODE P0410? Need help to get rid of it? Well, I know the feeling. As your friendly auto mechanic, I will give you all the things you need to learn and understand about this code, its causes, and what we can do to get it fixed.

What does P0410 Mean?

This particular code is indicating that something wrong has taken place with your car’s secondary air injection system. The issue can be a result of either an electrical or mechanical fault. Code P0410 is usually triggered when the emission system of a car is malfunctioning, or the air pump has been damaged.

The main job of a car air pump will be to feed the air into the exhaust system, reducing the emissions. This air pump will draw in the air from the exterior and pump it over a one-way check valve to each bank within your exhaust system.

The code P0410 is also the outcome of the ECM that indicates the defective secondary air injection system. It occurs when your O2 sensor fails to properly detect and recognize the changes that occurred in the exhaust’s O2 level as the system functions.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Engine Code P0410?

The following are the common signs of this engine code that you would experience once it occurs:

The “check motor light” is illuminating

  • Your engine seems to hesitate while the car accelerates
  • The air pump is making noises
  • The engine struggles a lot to run
  • Reduced fuel economy

  • The Causes of Code P0410

    This code problem can happen due to various factors. Outlined below are the major causes of this issue:

  • The check valves of your air pump are already damaged.
  • Bad pump relay
  • Damaged or malfunctioned control solenoids
  • Your air injection system has been clogged or blocked
  • Your O2 sensor is faulty
  • The catalyst has been clogged
  • The air pump gasoline has been blown up
  • The vacuum lines were damaged
  • You should seek help from a friendly auto mechanic as soon as you noticed one or two of those factors in your car. Trying to repair and solve the issue on your own is a win-win scenario. Unless you know something about solving engine codes and issues, you will end up struggling to eliminate it.

    The Solutions or Fixes to Code P0410

    An auto technician knows the best solution to this engine code. However, I would like to give you some ideas. Here are some of the possible fixes to use in getting rid of this issue:

  • Fix or change the faulty air injection system
  • Fix or change the used O2 sensor
  • Check and repair or replace the intake filter of your air injection pump
  • Repair the damaged wiring connections
  • Fix the vacuum leaks

  • How to Detect and Fix P0410 Code?

    It is very important to keep in mind that there’s a Technical Service Bulletin where one can check and fix this code for various GM models. It will call for air pump replacement and installation of the new secondary injection tube.

    Do you think a simple air pump replacement will solve the problem? You’re undeniably wrong because it works, but not all of the time. The problem seems to be resolved and will come back in the long run. A car needs a permanent solution, and it is something that will solve this engine code issue for a long time.

    If air pump replacement seems to solve the issue, then the hoses must be cleaned. Then, the one-way check regulator should be replaced. For the GM models in which the TSB may apply, it’s necessary to follow the provided guidelines. In other cases, car drivers try to get rid of the issue by placing a tiny hole in a rubber lid on the air pump to prevent the water from collecting and consistently drain it out.

    Your car’s emission warranty can still cover the problem with your air pump. Hence, you should make the most of it. Likewise, if your vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper guarantee is no longer valid, it is important to find out whether your emission warranty is still active or not.

    To solve the P0410, you may take these steps:

  • Change the air pump and one-way check controller
  • Try cleaning the air pump. Test it. Do the same thing for the one-way check controller.
  • Change the inlet tube of your air pump
  • Change the fuse of your air pump. You can see this underneath the hood.

  • Conclusion

    Solving the diagnostic code P0410 should not be a big problem. Now that you know what to do, I hope you follow the steps I gave above. If you’re still struggling to do it right, then you should not hesitate to seek help from a reputable auto mechanic.

    Last Updated on: 06/28/2020

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