P1832 Code Faulty Transmission Transfer Case Differential Lock-Up Solenoid, How to Fix the Error Code

To control the hydraulic pressure in the transmission, there is a device called pressure control solenoid. The transmission module uses it to be an electric plunger.

Now, whenever the power circuit voltage goes incredibly high on the solenoid, you will see the trouble code P1832. As an auto technician myself, I can say, if you don't take this code seriously, you will face a lot of trouble with your car.

Let's dig a little deep and see what you can do about this problem.

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Causes and symptoms of the issue, trouble code P1832

I will be very honest here; if you have found this code on your OBDII, you need to be worried. Because sooner or later it will make your car completely undrivable.

Also, if you don't attend to the problem quickly, it can damage many internal components beyond repair. So, how do you know you have this issue?

Here are the symptoms you should be wary of –

  • You will face problems with shifting transmission. It will not shift into gear, or it will not shift out of gear. This is a sign that you might have issues with the pressure control solenoid.
  • Another issue is, your transmission may start overheating at one point.
  • The check engine light on your dashboard should go on and stay on for the rest of the time. It signals that something is wrong with your engine.
  • You will face issues like slipping every once in a while with your car.
  • The car may even go into limp mode if you have this problem.

Now, what causes this problem to occur in a car? There are typically three reasons for this problem to exist in your car. Let's take a look at them.

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  1. Faulty pressure control solenoid 

When the pressure control solenoid is damaged, you will get this error code for sure. Since the whole power circuit depends on the part, any malfunction will cause the code to trigger.

  1. Wiring problems 

Well, it's a voltage problem, to begin with. So, there might be problems with the wiring that is causing the problem to happen. For the most part, a damaged set of wiring can be the actual cause of this problem.

  1. Clog in the hydraulic passages 

The purpose of the pressure control solenoid is to control the hydraulic pressure in the first place. If the hydraulic passes get clogged, it will become difficult for the pressure control solenoid to work correctly. As a result, you may end up facing this error code from your transmission.

Well, these can be causes for other problems too. But when you see the error code, you can consider these to be the reasons.

Don't worry now; I won't leave you with the problems only. I have got the solutions for you as well.

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How to fix the error P1832 code

Let's start by saying this, if you don't have prior mechanical knowledge, then don't attempt to do any of them. Also, if you are not confident about what you are doing, you should avoid them.

Here are the fixes you can try for the P1832 error code.

  1. Performing a flush or changing the transmission fluid 

Many times, your hydraulic passage gets blocked with dirty and old transmission fluid. So, the first thing to do is check the hydraulic passage and see if it's clogged or not. If it's clogged, then simply perform a flush and remove the old transmission fluid. Then, put on a new transmission fluid to make it work.

If the problem was with the clog, then the error code should be fixed.

  1. Replacing the pressure control solenoid 

Like I said earlier, your pressure control solenoid can also get damaged. If that's the case, then you can hardly repair it in some way. Your best solution is to replace the part with a new one, which should fix the error code.

  1. Fixing the wiring 

If none of the above were the causes, then you might have problems with the wiring. Check up on the wiring of your transmission and see if the wires are damaged or not. Sometimes old wires can also be an issue. So, fix that by replacing or repairing the damaged wires.

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In short, whenever you get the P1832 code on your transmission, never ignore it. This can get pretty serious if left out without any fixes. And now that you know how to do it, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

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