P2510 Code: Causes and fixes, ecm/pcm power relay sense circuit range/performance

If your car has the OBD-II, then this code problem is something your vehicle can suffer. Of course, cars created by manufacturers within the year 1996 till this present moment are no exception. You’ll get the P2510 code when the engine control module of your car is faulty. The implication of this is that it prevents the ignition relay from coming on or off.

When the ignition relay doesn't come on and off successfully, it means you'll encounter problems starting your car. As an auto technician, I know too much how frustrating that can be, especially when I have to make an early appointment with a client, and the car refuses to start, or it starts, jerks, and then stops. Then, I check to see that I've got the P2510 code.

To be honest, that sucks. But thankfully, it's not a problem that I or any other auto-technician can't fix. But, before I show you some of the causes and possible fixes, you have to stop trying to start your engine immediately and make the next move to fix it. If you’re confident that you can fix it, launch into repair mode. If not, wait for an auto-technician to help with it. In the meantime, you can catch your appointment with an Uber.

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Faulty ECM/PCM Power Relay:

When this happens, it cuts off power from the car engine, making it impossible for you to drive your car. Think of the ECM/ PCM power relay as the central processing unit of your vehicle because it technically is. When the ECM/PCM power relay is faulty, it exhibits certain features like you can’t start your car at all.

The reason is, a faulty ECM can cut off power flow to your engine. So, when it is defective, it could lead to a p2510 problem code as it dramatically affects the performance of your car. It would also affect your car battery. Faulty ECM means that it would drain your car battery. Hence, if you notice that your car battery drains faster than usual, etc.

ECM/PCM Power Relay circuit poor electrical connection:

When this happens, it means that the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) realizes that the power supply circuit has low voltage. Note that the power supply circuit is what empowers the PCM to carry out its duty smoothly.

But when the power supply circuit has low voltage, it won't successfully power the PCM to oversee the car's smooth operation. Hence, the car might not function correctly. Quite a few things result in the poor electrical connection in the power relay circuit. For starters, it could be due to a faulty connection, a blown fuse, cable defect, or (but mostly unlikely) a faulty PCM. 

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Fix the ECM/PCM Power Relay:

There are a few ways to fix a faulty ECM/PCM Power relay. The first is to change the PCM entirely. You could also choose to change the relay fuses and change the battery cables as they may be bad already from trying to manage it. Sometimes, it could be that the power wiring in the electronic control or power wiring.

It's best to ask your auto-technician to inspect the problem if the PCM/ECM is faulty. That way, they'll know which part they need to change or replace. This problem requires immediate attention, don't wait it out as it affects your car's drivability. It is worthy of note that both PCM and ECM refer to the same part of a car, but new car models use PCM.

Fix the ECM/PCM Power Relay circuit's poor electrical connection:

There are quite a few things that could result in your PCM power relay circuit having a poor electrical connection. If you intend to fix it yourself, do well to figure out which problems are responsible for the shoddy electrical connection. Then, fix it. If the battery cables or connectors are responsible for the poor electrical connection, you should change the connectors or cable.

If you're confident that a blown fuse is the cause, do well to replace the fuse, etc. The poor connection is most likely a result of something that's broken. All you need to do is find out what's broken and make attempts to fix it. Viola! You'd have fixed the problem. But note, you'll only fix the P2510n problem code if the PCM power relay circuit's poor electrical connection is the culprit. 

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When next you get a P2510 code, the first thing to do is stop driving your car. Well, this problem primarily ensures that you can't drive the car around again. However, if you find yourself in a position where you can still manage to move the vehicle, don't indulge.

The reason is that a P2510 is a serious issue that needs to be tended to as soon as possible. So, the moment you get in that spot, you should stop driving your car, attempt to fix the car yourself, or reach out to your auto-technician, especially if you're not too sure of how to fix it

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