Read This TopCoat F11 Reviews Before Making Your Purchase

If you are just like many other vehicle owners, you will want to maintain the appearance of your vehicle so that you can ride it with pride. Chances are you might have been shopping around and want to find the best coating product for your car. Amongst the options on the market, TopCoat F11 makes an excellent choice.

Read this TopCoat F11 reviews until the finish so that you will come up with an informed decision.

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Overview (Product Description)

TopCoat F11 is a liquid-based coating commercial products which are designed to be applied on the surface to make a perfect appearance with strong characteristics.

It works great on any colors, including the darker ones and easily hide the marks and scratches on your vehicle. It is a very practical solution to provide such characters on your car. 

But more than that, the result will be durable, long-lasting, and much satisfying. Many have given their nods about its quality sickness which can repel any dirt and debris when you use your car out there. Not to mention that it is silicone-free so you have peace of mind when applying this liquid on your car's surface.

Features and Perks

In these unbiased TopCoat F11 reviews, you will surely want to find out what makes this different from the other options.

There are some TopCoat 11 perks that you will not find in any other products.

1. The marvelous protection it gives

The Formula 11 provides the best long-term protection for the applied surfaces from what the environment throws at your car.

If you are using your car daily. Chances are your vehicle will deal with the sun, rain, extreme weather, and many more. But as long as you apply the Formula 11 to your vehicle, it will repel all of nature and environment forces attacking it.

TopCoat F11

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And you will see that your car has such a nice coating while it only requires less frequent maintenance to keep the quality.

It seals and protects the surface as well as improves the performance.

2. Safe and environmentally friendly.

The manufacturer of the product only uses safe ingredients in the product. The F11 polish and sealer solution is not harmful to the environment as well as humans. So, you shall not worry when using it for your DIY project. You can proceed with your activity as you will usually do.

This product is safe to use for users at all levels of experience. Even though it is your first time, it takes no time until you use it on a daily basis.

While doing the coating and polishing job well, it will not harm the materials of your car. So, you will rest assured when using this product daily.

Besides, TopCoat F11 is also environmental friendly. When you apply this product, it will not harm your surroundings, including the trees, plants, grass, animals, and other people as we know that not all commercial products can guarantee its product's safety toward the ecosystem and environment.

3. Simple and straightforward to use

The moment you unbox your package, you take a few minutes to read the manual and do as it instructed. You will master it in no time. Even though you have difficulties or any question, you could reach the TopCoat customer support and ask as many questions as you want until you're satisfied.

You won't need to undergo such complex procedure to use this solution. It is unnecessary  to mix other ingredients or conduct such a complicated method, or so. 

F11 is simple and straightforward. It does not require a specific level of expertise to be able to maximize the result of the product. In the long run, it can save your time and effort since no need for you to reapply until one month or two months.

The manufacturer claimed that TopCoat F11 is designed to last for a long time in the future after application.

TopCoat F11 instruction

4. The fantastic bonus

When you pick the Formula 11 from the market, you will not only receive the liquid solution in a spray bottle. But you will also get two cotton towels”: one for spread the solution, one for drying the surface. It is the only special kit to make your vehicle’s surface tough and appealing.

Once you rub the surface with the towel, it will work immediately to repel dirt, water, and other environment throws.

Soon after finishing to apply Formula 11, your car’s surface will look shiny and like new. And you will be able to reap the benefits for 30 days or more depending on the situation.

TopCoat Formula 11 focuses on the exterior auto dealing with your vehicles. With it, you will make your car looks new.

The solution will give such extra buffs to all the surfaces which receive it. As mentioned, you will notice the gliding smoothness result after applying Formula 11 on your car's surface.

5. Non-stick coating

The first and foremost perk that you would not overlook is the non-stick coating technology which is more advanced than the other competitors.

Our experts have tested the performance of its non-stick, and the result was impressive. 

We compared the effect with the other generic commercial products that we got from the online marketplace. The difference is significant. We did a little test on the surface by putting a plastic object on it. One which coated with an ordinary product does not let it slide smoothly.

Meanwhile, the surface coated with TopCoat F11 lets the stuff slide in no time. It proved that the non-stick tech that it has is not a small deal.

6. Easy to maintain and clean

It contains no abrasive compounds which can repel the outer materials in no time. Whatever surface you choose, this will effectively protect your car from acid rain, heavy dust, smoke, animal droppings, and so on.

you may use it for any season as it helps repel water so easily. As you use this coating product, you will realize that it becomes less frequent to wash your car because you just wipe it a little bit, and that's it.

It is also easy to maintain and clean the beautiful surface of your car.  And you could clean it in one go. In the long run, you will be able to save more money and time for your car appearance maintenance.

7. Versatility

One of the most unbeatable perks from Formula 11 is its multi-purpose sealant features. Perhaps we've mentioned it before. But this fantastic product helps you in the coating, restoring, as well as protecting various types of materials, even plastic! That means you can apply this coating to almost any part of your car. We have tested it to use it to our windshield mirror, side tire, etc. And it worked!

Keep in mind that this solution can withstand extremely high and low temperatures and is not flammable. So, it is safe to assume that you will have peace of mind using your car in the most extreme situations and expect that your car still looks afterward.

8. Save time and effort

Formula 11 has the most effective formulation, which makes your core easier.  You would spray and spread the solution one time. Then wipe it clean with a dry cloth. 

That's the only thing you need to do to make such a perfect coating for your car. We also had compared it back then with the other product. While it took only one move to do on our vehicle surface, it took twice or thrice applications from other merchandise.

Not to mention Formula 11 result lasts longer than the other products. As a result, the other product would run out faster than TopCoat Formula 11.

Formula 11 result can last for one whole month.

perfect coating for your car

The User Guide

It is a high profile product with the easiness in its procedure.

That's why it is such an excellent choice for both personals and professionals.

Not only cars, but Topcoat Formula 11 is also an ideal choice for other vehicles like truck, plane, ship, boat, bus, etc.

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The sealant is also applicable for building construction to help maintain the appearance by resisting the water, dust, and dirt.

Since it provides a non-stick waterproofing feature, residences can also use it to coat the waterproofing parts like bathrooms, kitchen, doors, windows, and so on. It certain extents, with the a load of its solution, it can also help the buildings to make the fireproofing area.

TopCoat 11 can do further than coating the surface of your vehicle. You are able to use it for other surfaces as well, such as your grills, stove, plastic desk, leather, fabrics, and even vinyl.

However, you must be wise when applying this onto your leather, vinyl, or fabrics because it provides the slick coating. You may make or break it depending on your purposes in implementing this solution to any surface.

If you have new paint, this coating can also do good results on its surface. But you shall give the paint time to absorb and stick well with your vehicle or other stuff. Let the paint takes its time to be solid and firm. After that, you are able to apply it.

With such versatilities, it makes it a great choice for both professionals and personals to use it.

What is TopCoat F11 for


The Pros

  • Performs new look and long-lasting result
  • Water repelling
  • Dirt and grime repellant
  • Easy and straightforward use
  • Easy to apply
  • The kit comes in complete
  • Eco-friendly
  • No mechanical or complex procedure
  • Long-lasting, sturdy, and durable
  • Sophisticated non-stick coating technology
  • Easily conceal minor marks, scratches, and swirls
  • Use it directly, no need to shake, mix, or anything else

The Cons

  • Hard to get an even coating and may leave streaks if applied on the windshield.
  • Somewhat expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TopCoat F11 do?

It is renowned for its solution to enhance the surface of the vehicle. But this product can do more than just that.

You can apply it on any surface that you might be planning on. From metallic to the plastic surface, to even wooden materials and brick, solution can be applied for any purpose.

You will be impressed with the quality of the polish from TopCoat Formula 11. commencing the non-stick feature.

It will become much easier and faster to clean your surface and maintain it.

How long does the F11 last?

The effective longevity depends on certain conditions and areas and the frequency of car washes and physical ablation. Generally, the average coating life is 3 to 6 months, but if it’s used inside your home, it could last up to one year.

How do you remove the F11?

To remove it, use aromatic solvents such as toluene, benzene, hexane, or glycol ethers. You should also use high-concentrate isopropyl alcohol to effectively break down coating.

F11 TopCoat vs ceramic coating, which is better?

The ceramic coating seals the pores of any vehicle's clearcoat in order to form a finer, thinner layer of protection. However, the F11 is much better in terms of application because it works on flat finishes, powder-coating, matte, and even denim.

How often do you apply TopCoat F11?

You can apply it as often or as little as you’d like, but the best way is to apply every 3 months. This allows the coating to work more effectively while you gain better benefits from your topcoat such as longevity and detailing.

How to use car polish?

Before waxing, you have to use polish to restore car paint. Because of oxidation, the auto shine can be lost so you shall apply car polish. At the same time, it removes a thin layer of paintwork to get rid of scratches that may have settled in the coat.

How does vinegar make nail polish last longer?

Before applying nail polish, make sure to swipe some vinegar to make it last longer. The vinegar removes oils from your nail bed so that the nail polish will not easily fade even after weeks of application.

What is the longest-lasting car wax?

CarGuys hybrid wax sealant is currently one of the most popular choices for car waxes on the market today.

Can you wax the car every week?

Waxing your car when it’s warranted is the best tip for car detailing. Once a week is a good schedule, but it should be the maximum since too much waxing is bad for any vehicle.

Can you wax the car too much?

It's important to wax your car in order to get rid of bird droppings and other dirt due to changing weather conditions including rain and sun. However, waxing too much can lead to an uneven coat, making it difficult for clean-up.

Do you have to wax your car every time you wash it?

If you want to keep your car looking brand new, regular washing and waxing are important. Ideally, cars should be washed every week, while waxing can be done once every 3 months to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Why detailing is also important?

Detailing helps keep your car flawless and free from imperfections, including run line, hologramming, pigtails, wet sanding damages, and dirt specks. In addition, it removes many contaminants from shipping.

What is the difference between waxing and polishing?

Car waxing leaves a thin protective layer on the vehicle after polishing. On the other hand, polishing uses abrasives in order to effectively remove swirl marks and other minor scratches.

What is the difference between washing and detailing?

Car washing simply involves removing dirt from the car while detailing includes reconditioning both the exterior and interior of your car.


F11 is an almost perfect product that we've tested by our experts. It offers high profile features and satisfying results which we rarely saw in other products. Not to mention that it is a prevalent option for all users regardless of their level of experience.

You can also use it on various surfaces and various vehicles, including some fixtures and appliances at home.

The eco-friendly feature of Formula 11 is also a strong reason why we'd like to recommend this product to you. Well, there is no point in using a high-quality commercial product but ending up harming our environment.

The price of each bottle of Formula 11 is also sensible and affordably by folks in every class. If you can afford your car, you will surely afford this to maintain its appearance.

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