What Should You Know About a Spoon Engine?

If you watched and paid attention to the Fast and Furious movies, then you may have heard of the “Spoon Engine”. But you may probably have also dismissed it as a make-believe technology that exists only in that movie.

Surprisingly, this alleged movie myth is actually a real thing. It’s also true that this engine can make a car go faster—well, a Honda car, to be specific.

So if you drive a Honda and you are interested in enhancing its performance for the joy of speed-driving, this specialized engine may just be your answer.

Here’s everything you should know about a Spoon Engine.

What is a Spoon Engine?

A Spoon Engine is more like a type of motor enhancement rather than an actual type of engine motor. The goal is to remodel the engine in a way that optimizes engine performance to increase speed.

The term “Spoon” is directly taken from Spoon Sports, the main producer of Spoon engines that is based in Tokyo, Japan. Like Mugen Motorsports, Spoon is one of the top tuner companies in Japan that specifically focuses on Honda cars.

How is a Spoon Engine Built

Spoon Sports has been making these specialized engines and other highly sophisticated Honda modifications for over 40 years. Their handiworks are guided by the “Spoon-ism” motto, which refers to the desire of capturing the envisioned emotions of joyful driving and turning them into reality.

In simple sense, Spoon engines are highly-specialized Honda engines designed to make the drivers’ dreams come true. And it can never be called a Spoon engine unless it’s personally made and fitted by Spoon engineers back in Japan.

How is a Spoon Engine Built?

Spoon engines are built by modifying the engine parts of some Honda car models using specialized Spoon parts.

Most of these “specialized” Spoon parts are actually balanced Honda OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. This means that Spoon doesn’t really manufacture its own motor parts. Instead, they work on the existing OEM engine components to refine their functions and boost general efficiency.

Once your car gets inside the Spoon Sports facility, the Spoon staff will weigh and inspect each engine component. Then they’ll start refining and balancing the engine parts.

Refining and Balancing

The process of refining and balancing of OEM parts involves various techniques and follows these modification guidelines:

  • Limit the weight difference of the rods and pistons to 0.01 grams
  • Calibrate the weight of each of all the engine parts to 0.01 gram precision
  • Tune all the bolts to 0.01 Newton meters of torque (as per Honda specifications)

The goal of this balancing process is to maximize the functional capacity of each component and reduce power loss caused by component inefficiencies. This also results to faster engine revving and enhanced throttle response.

Precise balancing also eases the way power is delivered to all moving parts. When all components to achieve that level of balance, the outcome is a naturally “aspirated” high performance Honda engine.

Spoon Engine Specifications

Spoon Engine Specifications

The specifications of a Spoon engine usually depend on the car model and the type or level of enhancement that you want. For Honda cars used in sports racing, the Spoon engine is usually enhanced a lot more.

For example, the engine of a Spoon S2000 Coupe used for Road and Track speed racing can be modified to the following specifications:

  • Displacement - 2157 cc
  • Bore x stroke - 87.0 mm x 90.7 mm
  • Horsepower - 260 BHP at 8500 RPM
  • Torque - 188 lb/ft at 6600 RPM
  • Transmission - 6-sp Manual

Also, a Spoon race car is usually fitted not only with a Spoon engine, but also with other Spoon enhancements, based on Spoon’s Building Philosophy.

Spoon Building Philosophy

Spoon Building Philosophy

Building a Spoon engine is not simply about taking your OEM engine apart and replacing it with a Spoon engine. The whole process is guided by Spoon’s building philosophy that consists of the following:

  1. Aero parts should create down force while reducing drag.
  2. Braking should produce high quality driving and performance.
  3. Drive shaft should be smooth and tough.
  4. Throttle body should be big enough to increase power and response.
  5. Head gasket should be able to withstand extreme temperature and pressure.
  6. Gusset plates should reinforce body strength.

All Spoon parts are refined and balanced to meet these guidelines. Before products are released, they’re always tested and proven on the circuit.

When you combine all these characteristics with a Spoon engine, you get a high-output engine that can run faster and last longer on the race track.

What Car Models can be Fitted with a Spoon Engine?

Spoon Engine honda

Only Honda cars can be fitted with Spoon engines. So far, the common Honda models that can be fitted with a Spoon engine include:

  • Civic
  • S2000
  • S660
  • Accord
  • Acura Integra
  • Fit
  • CR-Z
  • N-One

Aside from these standard Honda models, you can have other Honda cars remodeled and enhanced anyway you like. You can also have other parts of your Honda car enhanced besides the engine.

The only challenge is finding a way to get your car to the Spoon Sports facility. The transport process, not only takes a lot of time, but also costs a lot of money.

In addition to the shipping or transport costs, there’s also the Spoon service cost and parts cost. It’s rumored that a Spoon engine can actually cost as much as a whole new car (and that’s only the engine).

Alternatively, you can try to look for and buy a pre-modified Spoon engines (called crate engines) or engine parts from authorized dealers near you. They may also provide garage services for engine assembly and fitting.

There are also online vendors that sell Spoon engine parts. You can have the parts delivered and then assemble the engine yourself.

However, either of these alternative options won’t produce a genuine Spoon engine. It takes a Spoon team to produce a Spoon-approved and Spoon-guaranteed Honda engine.

That’s why only engines fitted at the Spoon Sports facility in Tokyo are considered Spoon engines.

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Spoon engines are definitely not a movie myth. But because it’s such an expensive modification, Spoon engines are rare outside Japan.

Usually, only the truly rich can afford to get their Honda cars, modified at Spoon Sports in Japan.

But for those who seek the power of Spoon engines on a budget, crate Spoon engines may work. Just because they aren’t considered true Spoon engines, it doesn’t mean they can’t enhance your car’s performance.

As long as the engine parts you’re using are from Spoon, you’re guaranteed to have a taste of that “Spoon-ism” that many drivers dream about.

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