The Pros and Cons of Wrapping A Car

The automobile modernization is evolving. From hybrid engines to electricity powered wheels. When it comes to customizing your car, you want something unique and modern. Tracking software, dash cams, adaptive cruise control, and vinyl car wraps are some of today’s well-known modifications.

People continue to discover ways to revamp their cars. Hence, the rise of car wrapping into fame. For car enthusiasts like you, “car wrapping” can be a good investment.

Car wrapping is the process of covering your vehicle with large vinyl graphics or decals to change its appearance for a time. Apply the car wraps straight away over the surface of your vehicle. You can remove it with ease and without causing any damage. It is a cost-effective and long-lasting way to refurbish your cars rather than a paint job.

Millions of design are available to accommodate your specifications. They can use photographs, gradient finish, and even a digital printed wrap.

So, the question is, “Is car wrapping a good idea?”

Here are wrapping car pros and cons:


1. Cheap

It may not be obvious, but vinyl wraps are cost-effective than a high-quality paint job. It will need priming, multiple coats, and drying process. That is if you chose a simple color. For a matte or gradient finish, it would need a huge amount of money. Not to mention the time that it will take to finish the job.

Car wrapping is more affordable with high-quality result. After picking a design, it will only take a day or two for the actual wrapping of the car.

2. Customization

Car wrap Customization

Car wraps are very much custom-made. Tailor car wraps to your liking to suit your personality or preferences. The design will breathe a new look into your car’s appearance. There are varieties of colors to choose from. They offer matte finishes, gloss, and satin. You can opt for the trendier color-shifting wraps that transition into different colors when the light hits it.

You can also decide to wrap either the whole car or parts of it (roof, hood, tires). The design and layout are, in every way, up to you.

3. Removable

If you change your mind and you want a different color for your car, you can remove it! Shops can remove and replace the vinyl wraps with ease while preserving your car’s quality.

4. Protection

Aside from providing a stylish appearance, it also protects your car's paintwork. The vinyl wrap will preserve your car's original paint from dings, scratches, and minor damages. If later on you decide to sell it, you can earn a lot of money from its pristine condition.

5. Investment

Car wraps can last up to five years. If it gets scratched or chipped, you can change the vinyl at that part, and you are good to go. That simple! Unlike with paints, where you have to re-spray the whole car to maintain its uniformed look.

If you are in the business industry, you can add customized designs or brand logos of your business to your car. You can replace and remove it any time you want while maintaining your vehicle’s original condition.


There are downsides to everything, including car wrapping. Here are the minimal cons of wrapping a car:

1. Make sure you only deal with professionals

To ensure high-quality vinyl wraps, only entrust your cars in the hands of professionals. Certified automobile shops guarantee a favored outcome and a warranty.

An unprofessional amateur can damage and leave dents, scratches, and cut marks on your car. It might look the same at first, but over time, less durability and color fading will show in due course. The poor vinyl installation will very much ruin your car and your day. If the price is too good to be true, check and verify first the automobile shop's certifications.

In contrast, professionals are very skilled to do their job with accuracy and precision. They will use high quality, tried, and tested products to produce a high-grade outcome.

high-quality vinyl wraps

2. Legal Requirements

As for all car modifications, you need to notify the DVLA and your insurance company about the car wrapping installation. Prepare paper works, including the statement of account, worth of the car wrap, kind of materials used, date, and the photograph of your car.

It is a good thing to inform and add it to your insurance policy. The downside, it can be a long and tedious process.

3. Environmental Factors

Car wraps are durable and can last up to years without fading. But, environmental factors can take their toll on it.

The extreme climate will damage the vinyl wrap. The color will fade away immediately due to too much sun exposure. It is best to place your car in the garage during these times.

Acid dew corrosion can also destroy the laminate of your vinyl car wrap. If you live in the states where it’s prone to these pollutants, use car covers or dust off your vehicle and wash it now and then to avoid damages.

4. Cover-up

Some people expect car wraps to cover up previous door dings, major scratches, and a bad paint job. The original paint should be in good condition or else, the wrapping will be a mess. The graphic vinyl needs a good paint to adhere to; a flaking one is of no use.

Any previous defect will still show on the surface of the car wrap. Make sure to get everything fixed before the installation process.

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As far as one can tell, modern technology provided us fun and affordable ways to customize our valued cars. Car modifications have plenty of advantages. However, there is a potential drawback to any good thing; car wrapping included. This is why it is important to consider every aspect and do a fact-finding before doing anything to your car.

To sum it up, wrapping a car has its pros and cons. It is for you to decide which outweighs which.


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