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car vents temperature

What Temp Should Air Be Coming Out of Car Vents? The Proper Auto A/C Vents Temperature

Want to know what temp should air be coming out of car vents. here are about the ideal auto A/C temperature and adjust the air conditioning.

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too much freon in car ac

Too Much Freon in Car AC and How To Discharge Car AC

Here we are discussing the importance of freon and how we can determine if there is too much freon in car ac symptoms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Manually Engaging an AC Compressor Clutch

Be your mechanic of the day and learn the basics of manually engaging your AC compressor clutch. Don’t worry, and we have everything explained as less “mechanical” as possible.

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Car Air Conditioner Troubles

Car Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Common Problems and Diagnosis

In this article, we look at common car air conditioner problems, the usual causes, and ways to diagnose them.

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