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CVT transmission life expectancy

How Long Do CVT Transmissions Last? the CVT Transmission Life Expectancy

You will learn what a CVT transmission is, how it works and CVT transmission life expectancy can help you understand your vehicle better…

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brake fluid color

A Comprehensive User Guide to Brake Fluid Color

What color should brake fluid be? The brake fluid color tells a lot about your vehicle so you must pay close attention.

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minimum brake pad thickness

The Minimum Brake Pad Thickness – When to Replace Brake Pads

A part of understanding how the braking system works is to find out the minimum brake pad thickness and know when to replace brake pads

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Power Steering Fluid Color

A Comprehensive User Guide to Power Steering Fluid Color

Need to check the power steering fluid regularly to keep your car in tip-top shape. here is the guide to power steering fluid color.

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How to Dispose of Antifreeze

How to Dispose of Antifreeze from Your Car

Irresponsibly throwing old antifreeze to sewers and in the soil can harm the environment. In this guide, how to dispose of antifreeze from your car

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Bad Master Cylinder Symptoms

Bad Master Cylinder Symptoms and Replacement Cost

The master cylinder acts as the main valve which pushes the brake fluid right into the brake lines. Here are the bad master cylinder symptoms.

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