R154 vs W58: Car Transmission Comparison

If you are in the market searching for a powerful gearbox, but you can’t find information about gearboxes, then you have landed in a suitable space.

There is a variety of gearbox brands in the market. This article will be making a comparison of R154 Vs. W58. My guide will help you choose the most powerful gearbox for your car.

R154 Vs. W58

Changing your gearbox in a Lexus or Toyota is not an easy task. You will have to consider a lot of factors before making a decision.

The table below is a side-by-side comparison for R15 and W58.

Properties of R154

  • Power: Powerful
  • Cost: Expensive
  • Shifting: Rough
  • Durability: Durable
  • Horsepower: 700whp

Properties of W58

  • Power: Less powerful
  • Cost: Affordable
  • Shifting: Smooth
  • Durability: Less durable
  • Horsepower: 500whp

The table gives you an overview of the two. We will further discuss the differences and how each impacts your car.

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The main difference between R154 and W58

1. Horsepower

Horsepower is generally the measure of how a car engine can handle acceleration. This is not an indicator that the engine Is the better option. R154 has a horsepower of 700whp, while W58 has a horsepower of 500whp. Horsepower watts are a standard measure of speed, not quality.

2. Durability

How long your gearbox will last you is huge of a deal while making a purchase decision.

Between R154 and W58, R154 is said to be more durable. This is because of its ability to handle acceleration. However, you can argue that treating your machinery is the same way it will treat you.

3. Cost

Cost is another factor you will have to consider when buying a gearbox. R154 is arguably expensive, but its features and power are worth the price. W58 is cheaper but still serves its purpose. If you want a gearbox that will last longer, invest in an R154.

4. Shifting

How hard well your gear shifts affect how you feel while driving.

R154 is too. Still, it will shift when moving to the front, though with quite a struggle, but branches when reversing. W58 shifts smoothly without any complications.

How do you tell R154 from W58?

Each gearbox has its benefits and issues. To understand the two gearboxes in-depth, I will go deeper into the two’s distinctive features, pros, and cons.


R154 is a five-speed transmission manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. It has a high horsepower, therefore, accommodates the high acceleration of the engine. Some of the most common cars that use R154 include; Toyota Crown, Toyota Cresta Tourer v,  Toyota Chaser Toured V, Toyota Mark II, Toyota soarer, and the MKII Supra Turbo.


  • Five-speed transmission:
    The five-speed gears include five forward gears and one reverse gear.
  • The ratio of the gear.

Each of the five gears on the R154 has different transmission ratios. The first gear ratio is 3.251, the second gear 1.955, the third gear 1.310, the fourth gear, and the fifth 1.000 and 0.753, respectively.

There is two other gears, reverse and final drive, with 3.18 and 3.727, respectively.

  • Lubricant and oil:
    R154 has a lubricant capacity of three liters. The manufacturers recommend 80W-90 GL4.
  • Components:
    Each gearbox has some components that make it as effective as it is. Below are some of the common parts that come in a gearbox.
  1. Output shaft
  2. Shifter
  3. Bell housing
  4. End case
  5. 245mm Drive plate diameter.
  6. Gearcase
  7. Drive plate with a surface area of 40mm
  8. Input shaft OD with a diameter of 30mm.


W58 is among the w series of the gearbox by Toyota. The series W58 has had more advancement over time from the first gearbox one.

This gearbox is found most in modern cars with a manual setup. Some of the cars that use W58 gear are Toyota Cressida, Lexus Sc300, Toyota Soarer, Toyota MK2 Celica supra, lotus excel,  Lexus IS300, and many others. View the whole list here to find out If your car is compatible with W58.

Unique features

  • Five plus manual gear speed.

W58 is designed for manual cars. You are the one who Changes the range of your speed.

You should, however, avoid using high-speed gear; the58 does not hold well.

  • It shifts smoothly:

Since you are operating the gear manually, you can shift smoothly depending on your driving expertise.

  • Separate bell housing

W58 and most of the W series gearbox have separate bell housing.

As you can see, most cars use either of the two gearboxes. However, each gearbox can handle different types of Loads and speeds.

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So what is the best gearbox between R154 and W58?

You can’t rule out which is the best gearbox; every driver experiences different touches of the car when driving. R154 has a stronger horsepower there; you can drive faster. However, it is costly. W58 is cost-friendly compared to R154. However, you cannot move faster without the gearbox jamming. Depending on your preference, any two can work for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is R154 more powerful than W58?
    Both gearboxs are powerful. However, R154 has 200more horsepower than W58.
  • Is there another powerful gearbox except for R154?
    There are a variety of brands producing gearboxes. You can find other powerful gearboxes.
  • Can you swap different gearboxes in the W-series?
    The gearbox in W-series comes with separate bell housing. This means most cars can use quite a number of the gearbox on W-series.
  • How much power can W58 handle?
    About 300+ rph. You should, however, take care of your engine.


Depending on your preference and budget, you can use either R154 or W58. The only difference is that if you go the cheapest way, expect to pay more with frustration and money included. R154 is expensive but high quality. You can use a variety of gears on the box. In contrast, W58 is cheaper. You will, however, experience more breakdowns of the car if you try driving faster.

Carry out regular maintenance of your car and the gearbox, and expect a smooth driving experience.

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