Sending Car Scratches Away: Will Buffing Remove Them?

buffing a car

Car scratches. They are every car owner’s nightmare. When it comes to paint scratches on your car, you’ll likely encounter the phrase, buffing a car and exterior detailing. Buffing is a procedure that removes scratches on the finish. Most shops offer this service, at the cost of course. However, in most cases, it can be done […]

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What Does a Subwoofer Do?

What does a subwoofer do

What does a subwoofer do? Well, it produces sounds just like a speaker, but it does more than your average speaker. To understand how it works, you should know first what a subwoofer is. What is a Subwoofer? A subwoofer is a complete amplifier or woofer that can play low-pitched sound frequencies called sub-bass and […]

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How to Connect Your Phone to Your Car

Connect Phone to Car

It’s a new car day! After staring at it for a few minutes, checking out every detail of inside and out, and taking selfies, it’s time to take it for a drive. Of course, one of the first things you need to figure out is how to connect your phone to your carUsing Bluetooth for […]

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About Making Your Car Shoot Flames Out of Exhaust

Car Shoot Flames

So you want your car to shoot flames, huh?It actually makes sense – wanting to see your car’s exhaust pipes spit flames into thin air like some sort of a fire-breathing dragon. It’s cool, and BADASS. Car flame throwing seems to be one of the coolest stuff you’ll ever see in your life. Well, of […]

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Step By Step Guide on Charging a Car Battery

Charging a Car Battery

Car battery is very important to have a smooth and safe driving experience. Once the battery weakens, you will notice that your car become sluggish and slower. There are instances that you need to jumpstart your vehicle because your battery just can’t start right away. Follow this simple but useful guide on how to charge […]

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The 10 Best Car Buffer In The Whole World

Best Car Buffer

Choosing the best car speakers depends on how much inclined you are with listening to music. Different types of music may require varying setups. Of course, there are budgetary considerations too. However, the most expensive setup doesn’t mean it is the best set up for you. Some speakers with high rating can only be enjoyed at a certain volume.
Some speakers need to be cranked up pretty high to get to the optimal zone. If you are not fond of listening to music loudly, it may still not be the best for you.
Below is a summary to be few of the best speakers for every type.

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Car Maintenance – Fuel Injector Cleaners, Are They Worth The Buy?

Injector Cleaners

Face it. Car maintenance is getting fancier.Owning a car is no small task. It means you have a big responsibility to fulfill – to do whatever’s necessary to keep your valued property in tip-top shape. To that end, any and every minute addition to continued maintenance of any vehicular performance is a necessity. Newer methods […]

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Taking Care of Your Car Tires: The Basics You Need to Know

Taking Care of Your Car Tires

It is important to take care of your car tires because it saves you money on fuel costs and helps extend the life of your tire, so you don’t have to purchase tires as often. But, you might ask about how you could actually  take care of your car tires? You’re in luck because here are some […]

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10 Of the Best Car Battery Charger Brands That Trump Them All

Best Car Battery Charger

Here are some of the best car battery charger you can get your hands on to save you from these embarrassing moments. We put down a list just for you so that you don’t have to spend countless hours searching for the right car battery charger that suits your needs.

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Why are Oil Change Routines and Oil Light Resetting important?

Oil Change

Car maintenance is as important as the decision of buying the car itself. With this, you need to understand that there are car components that you need to change every once in a while. One important component of every car maintenance routine is the oil change.What’s oil have to do with cars? For starters: since […]

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