How To Make Your Car Faster (The Tips That Works!)

Fast cars are undeniably the best source of thrill, adrenaline, and excitement combined in a package. Generally, when riders own a performance car like Porsche or an Audi, they try to find ways of boosting the power and speed even more.

But, that’s the best part about owning cars that can withstand significant modifications and still deliver the desired results. So, if you’re wondering how to make your car faster with mere upgrades and a few tweaks here and there, you’re in the right place.

You see, each car has different specifications; thus, the transformations needed to increase the speed of a specific car model vary too. Worry not; we’re going to cover all of it and some more. Car fanatics and enthusiasts – stay tuned and read till the end for some speed!

What Makes A Car Go Faster?

Before diving in to know the mods to make a car faster, you must comprehend the factors that could be causing your four-wheeler to be slowing down in the first place. In retrospect, these are the same factors that can enable a car’s speed bars to go higher.

Let’s see what those factors are.

The Aerodynamics

Aero, also known as aerodynamics, is the feature that lets your car cut through thin air as opposed to air which slows down a vehicle remarkably. If there’s better aero in a vehicle, it means higher speed.

The Engine Performance

It’s a no-brainer that powerful engines produce the fastest cars. On the other hand, these powerful engines also demand big bucks. However, there are ways to oomph one’s car’s engine so, keep skimming to know more about that later.

The Grip

Grip is essential, especially if you live in an icy region. Tired with modest grips can provide the highest speed without the risks of slips and wasted energy.

Fuel’s Efficiency

Let’s face it. Your car would be worthless without fuel. The fuel you pour in can efficiently move your vehicle with the perfect balance and conversion rate. If the fuel burns efficiently, it will provide more power, thus, higher speed.

Overall Car Weight

It’s all about physics. If the weight of your car goes up, the forces acting will go down. High force means high acceleration and higher speed.

Ways To Make A Car Faster:

Before you break into a sweat, let’s clear the air. Some of these hacks are super easy and affordable. Not only will your car rejuvenate with mind-blowing speed, but these upgrades to make your car faster will also comply with the local regulations, limits, and laws.

Come and see how it’s done.

1. Cold Air Intake

Ah, the elephant in the room – does cold air intake make car faster? Let’s address it once and for all.

Cold air is denser than warm air. Thus, the motor must have cold air introduced to optimize its horsepower and torque. Cold air also lets your engine breathe better, therefore, burning fuel efficiently and pushing your ride forward.

So, does a cold air intake make your car faster? It definitely does and this must be the first approach for everyone as it’s the easiest and enables faster acceleration for all vehicles.

2. Performance Chipset

The new generation car models arrive with performance chipsets that manipulate time ratios, anti-lock brakes, gas combustions, and much more. These new mods on cars limit the motor engine’s fuel and air supply, thus producing some extended speed for your car.

3. Brakes

Believe it or not, even though brakes hold properties opposite to what we aim for here, they’re equally necessary.

Efficient brakes are needed to stop as quickly as the foot touches the throttle, letting the driver resume their speeding spree. It’s a matter of safety while allowing the riders to experience joy while speeding.

4. Tires

These are yet another affordable and convenient speed mods for you that require the bare minimum. Using nitrogen tires can change your speeding game. Nitrogen tires are less sensitive to water vapor and air. When these are adequately inflated, they can maneuver twists and turns aptly without jeopardizing the speed or safety limit.

5. Drivetrain

Upgrades to make your car faster such as the drivetrain, ensure that it converts power into energy in the vehicle’s motor. These are then efficiently utilized in the wheels, promoting higher power by supplying cold air, high fuel combustion, and speed upgrades.

To extract desired results, you’ll have to upgrade the drive shafts, gears, clutches, and flywheels of the drivetrain.

6. Exhaust System

Dual exhaust systems will not only make your car faster but louder too. This mechanism occurs as the exhaust splits into the tailpipes after starting from the rear. This guarantees a smoother flow of the exhaust within the engine systems thus, enhancing the car’s overall power and speed.

7. Tuning

This one’s obvious. Reviewing your car’s oil, filters, spark plugs, and engine will benefit you every day in the long run. A thorough vital check-up can tell you when your car needs oil or why they’re slowing down.

8. Weight Reduction

Did you know that your car’s power and acceleration are tightly linked to its weight? Well, it is. Having said that, it’s important to lighten your car’s overall weight and eliminate unnecessary baggage and poundage to allow your car to speed. Turning off or removing the air conditioning can also work wonders.

9. Fuel System

Undoubtedly, one of the vital things to make your car faster is the fuel system upgrade. Fuel upgrades utilize comprehensive gas lines, greater fuel consumption, high-flow pumps, fuel, and injectors so that your car turns into the speeding monster that you crave.

It’s not necessarily economical but, it’ll get the job done if there’s adequate fuel to air ratio.

10. Supercharger

Superchargers can compress and force air into engines to generate extra speed and power. However, these speed mods require advanced engine modifications, enhanced experience, and an expert touch.

11. Custom Muffler

Aftermarket mufflers can be a great addition to customizing your vehicle’s speed. But the best part is that they don’t only sound good but can also eliminate any choking point that can withhold certain features in your exhaust system.

Needless to say, getting a new muffler also physically enhances the horsepower of your car. With that being said, don’t forget to check out the laws of your state before opting for these.

12. NOS Systems

Nitrogen Oxide installations can supply oxygen in shorter bursts to generate higher power and combustion. On another note, one must know all the appropriate guidance as some states label it as illegal. Before introducing NOS upgrades, the enthusiast must also confirm that their car holds proper fuel to gas ratio.

13. Driving

Yes, learning and knowing how to drive appropriately plays an equally important role when you’re demanding high speed. It’s one thing to want a fast car, but a whole other ordeal if you don’t know how to keep up with it.

There are numerous techniques that amateurs are unaware of. Taking professional assistance or learning from an experienced driver can train one to handle and control a speeding car safely. Otherwise, it’s a lost cause, and the effort to enhance the speed will be futile.

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  • a) How to make your engine faster?
    A few ways to oomph the car’s engine are cleaning it, performing a tune-up, installing a cold-air intake system, supercharger, or a turbo kit. Riders can also purchase an engine tuner to fix this problem.
  • b) How to make your truck faster?
    Boosting a truck’s power is no different than a car’s. Tuning the truck can optimize its speed. But some other ways of doing so are to get rid of extra weight, installing a cold air intake system, engine tuners, exhaust systems, or an STS Turbo kit. Superchargers are also relatively high in demand for enhancing a truck’s speed.
  • c) What are some of the illegal car engine mods?
    There are quite a few mods that are illegal in plenty of American states. Some of these unlawful mods are owning extremely dark car tints, neon lights on the underbody, lowriders, rolling coals, bro-trucks, and extremely loud exhausts.
  • d) What are some parts that can make your car faster?
    Active parts to make your car faster with slight changeovers are the exhaust system, electric fans, spark plugs and opting for a larger throttle body. Minimizing the overall weight in the vehicle can also play a huge role in optimizing a car’s speed.

Wrap Up:

As you can tell by now, there are a ton of ways to make your car deliver sky-rocketing speed – quite literally. Once you know why your car is slowing down, you can rectify it by mixing and matching a few of the ways we’ve elaborated.

With the correct tools, operation, and accessories, altering and benefiting from your vehicle’s top speed and performance can turn into child’s play. So, stop asking yourself how to make your car faster, and make it happen! All you need to do is be careful with the mechanical bits and turn up the modifications one notch at a time.

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