P1259 Code, VTEC system malfunction, How to Fix the Error Code

Well, there are several error codes for your car that you only see in specific cars. This is one of those codes. These are known as manufacturer-specific codes. You will get this error code in cars from Honda or Acura.

There is a part in your car called the VTEC system (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control). When you go through some problems and fail to function correctly, you get the P1259 error code in your OBD II. Usually, the issues will be with the oil pressure of the component or the solenoid circuit of the system.

Let's check out the symptoms, causes, and fixes to the error code to get more into it.

Symptoms and causes of the error code P1259

Luckily there is no issue with drivability when the error happens. So, you can still drive your car without too much worry or hurry of fixing it right away. However, that doesn't mean you leave a problem to persist in your car.

There aren't many symptoms to this problem either. All you get as a symptom is the check engine light coming on and the error code being displayed.

Now, the main thing here is to know the causes of the problem. Because when you learn about the causes of the problem, you can quickly fix it with minimal effort. Let's go through the causes of the problem quickly.

  • The most common cause of this issue is the low pressure of oil. Also, a lower level of engine oil can cause this problem to happen. Old and dirty oil can also cause the problem to happen in some cases.
  • Another cause lies with the VTEC solenoid. When the VTEC solenoid gets damaged or malfunctions, you will get this error code and face this problem.
  • One of the hidden or underlying causes of this problem can be the VTEC harness. If the VTEC harness is open or shorted, you will certainly face a problem in your car.
  • Damaged or cheap wiring connections with your VTEC circuit can also cause this issue. It makes the solenoid circuit system non-functional, which results in getting the error code.
  • There is an oil pressure switch on your VTEC. When the switch is defective or damaged, you will come across this issue in your car.

As you can see, there are lots of causes to this problem. So, determining what the actual reason is will be a bit difficult. For that, you have to go through some processes and check where the problem is. Later on, you can quickly fix the issue.

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How to fix the error code P1259

Since the error doesn't cause any drivability issues, you can take your time to check for the cause. Once you figure out the reason, it's pretty straightforward from there. Here's how you fix the error code for your car.

  1. The first thing to check is the oil pressure of the VTEC. For this, you will need an oil pressure gauge. If you see the pressure is too low or the oil is due for service, you will need to change the oil. Sometimes you may even need to change the filter to fix the problem.
  2. If the oil isn't the issue, you will have to move on the pressure switch of the VTEC unit. You will find the switch around the oil filter. Check for any damages or defects in the switch and see if it's working or not. If it doesn't work, you will need to replace the switch from your dealer. Going for a dealer gives you an original switch replacement.
  3. Next up, you have to check the VTEC solenoid. If you see it's damaged or worn out, you will need to replace that.
  4. The wiring can also be an issue. So, make sure to check up on the wiring connections to the VTEC circuit. See if the wires are damaged or defective. You can repair the wires or replace them to fix the issue.


All in all, the P1259 code isn't the kind of problem that you would lose your sleep. It's a simple issue that you can solve yourself for the most part. Also, it doesn't cost too much either, so you shouldn't worry about that either. But don't neglect the problem and let it persist in your car either.

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