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Sometimes getting the right solutions for your car problem can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Too many articles to browse through and none are tailored to your circumstance? Send your query to the professional mechanics team for non-bias and customer-centric advice.

Simply have ready the following information:

  • Vehicle manufacturer, model and year
  • Current mileage
  • Symptoms and time of occurrence
  • Solutions you have attempted
  • Whether you plan on performing the repairs by yourself?

  • The Benefits of engaging an online mechanic

    A trusted source

    The automotive specialists at JustAnswer are certified and highly experienced masters of their trade. Many are serving, or have served, many years as mechanics at dealerships and/or auto repair shops. To ensure the advice we provide is accurate and comprehensive, your case will be handled by a team, as oppose to one person.

    JustAnswer is not affiliated or in partnership with any brands and retailers. They do not have sales quotas or commissions; their only aim to give you the best solution for your car.

    Cost effective

    Going to your local repair shop or dealership may cost you a hefty amount just to diagnose the problem. Additional cost may snowball if they convince you to purchase a part or service you do not need. At JustAnswer  your consultancy fee is only $20-30.

    Conserve time

    When you have a busy schedule, fitting an appointment with your dealership or local mechanics can be inconvenient. However, burrowing through hundreds of forum comments and search engine results is also not the most productive way to fixing the issue. JustAnswer’s consultancy service is ready for you 24/7. Get immediate feedback without having to leave home or work.