Troubleshooting PT Cruiser Transmission Problems (Explained & Solved)

“I don’t know how to solve the PT cruiser transmission problems. It’s all Greek to me!”

That’s a common speech of any helpless guy who is dealing with the issues with PT cruiser transmission. It’s really annoying when the transmission mechanism of your personal car stops regulating the engine’s power.

Since this particular part has to go through plenty of tortures, it’s pretty obvious that it requires extra care and maintenance.

Don’t get me wrong! I ain’t suggesting you spend hours and hours looking for this single part! But my suggestion is to know from where the problem comes and how you can fix them permanently.

So sight tight, and let’s start reading the topic right now to get familiar with everything related to the issues and the proper techniques of fixing them up!

Note for Featured Snippet: PT cruiser transmission problems can be fixed by following some specific methods, including changing the whole transmission fluid, replacing the solenoids, upgrading your computer firmware, or using ATF+4 fluid.

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About PT Cruiser Transmission

Needless to say, PT cruiser is launched by “Chrysler,” and personal transportation is the full form of PT. It has numerous automobile transmissions, including automatic, manual, and semi-automatic.

You’ll find a specific transmission in almost every single car. Compared to the small parts of your vehicle, it tolerates lots of torture because of the production of friction and heat.

In order to deliver as much power as needed to the driveshaft, an automatic transmission usually takes assistance from a gear system.  And the point to be noted – PT is equipped with only three kinds of transmissions, such as the Getrag, Ultradrive 41TE, and 40TE.

The Common Problems with PT Cruiser Transmission

To be honest, it’s relatively tough to point out the pt cruiser automatic transmission problems. According to my personal experience and study, you may notice both electrical and mechanical issues.

For instance, you may notice unusual annoying sounds or vibrations. And unfortunately, parts replacement of transmission may cost you a bomb!

Inconsistent fluid transmission is another bummer that you may have to go through. But don’t worry, I’m going to try my level best to teach you how to fix a transmission on a pt cruiser, happy now?

How to Solve the PT Cruiser Transmission Problems

After getting familiar with the common PT cruiser transmission issues, it’s better to learn how you can get rid of them completely and finally. So let’s move forward to know how you can:

Problem-1: Transmission Fluid Gets Lower!

Inconsistency with pt cruiser transmission fluid is the most common problem you may notice. While changing it, utilizing the right fluid has no better choice! So keep your transmission far away fromMercon or Dexron. Rather, get your hands on the ATF+4.

Solution: Changing the Whole Transmission Fluid

Before moving on to replacing your fluid transmission, feel free to check the color and levels carefully.

  • First off, place your vehicle on the level of any surface.
  • Switch off the engine, and it should be warm at a maximum degree of 180 F.
  • Feel free to give your car a check for the fluid after driving about a few minute.
  • Drag the handle of the dipstick, wipe the end off, take it off, and then re-drag.
  • The level generally needs to be in the mark of the hot region. But if the engine of your car appears to be colder and the fluid appears at a degree of 80 F, it has to be in the mark of a cold region.
  • Have you noticed any kind of scorched smell or any contaminated particles? If so, then there is no other option except for changing the transmission fluid. But if you find everything okay, then congrats as you’ve successfully solved this bummer.

Problem-2: Issues with Transmission Solenoid:

This is another common issue you may go through. There are so many reasons behind dealing with the problems with transmission solenoid! Let’s say the downshift probably becomes totally unable to take any of the places, which results in getting the solenoids stuck either closed or open.

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Solution: Going for the Replacement!

Keep this thing noted that the pt cruiser transmission solenoid location is on the exterior part of a transmission. And when it comes down to replacement, it may require up to 4 hours or so to successfully complete the task.

And what about the charge of mechanic? Well, they’ll charge anything around $80 to $120 (per hour).

According to my study and personal experience, the pt cruiser transmission cost can be around $95 to $3000. And talking about the cost of solenoid replacement, this can be anywhere between $100 to $500, depending on which model you’ve selected and which technique you’re actually following.

Expert’s Advice: Before solenoid replacement or pt cruiser transmission replacement, don’t forget to thoroughly check the connections of each and every electrical line for both safety and solving the problems with ease. You can also give this tutorial video a look to get practical knowledge.

Some Other Problems with Solutions:

  • Missing or broken ground strap: In case you’re dealing with such issues, getting a new transmission is a must for your vehicle.
  • Non-upgraded firmware: Fixing it is a cinch! Simply upgrade your computer firmware, and that’s it.
  • Using Poor Sensor: All you need to do is replace the input sensor as soon as possible.
  • Applying Additives: Strictly avoid the stuff and get your hands on the ATF+4 fluid to get rid of the damage of transmission.

Wrapping Things Up!

From pointing out to solving the PT cruiser transmission problems, I’ve shown you almost everything you wanted to know. By just giving a read on this single post, I’m pretty sure you can get rid of all those bummers once and for all.

Hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe, and you better get practical ideas from experts before jumping into the real action. After all, safety comes first!

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