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However, what if neither of you doesn't have jumper cables? Your day will be totally ruined for sure. Don’t let this happen to you and start your car just fine. Read on to find out the best jumper cables that you can choose from, so that the next time you are in this kind of situation, all you have to do is hook up the cables and jump start your car.

Before, jumper cables were only used for garages, dealerships, and other car activities. However, they have eventually become an ideal size that makes them an excellent item for your car emergency kit. Aside from their portable size, jumper cables are also becoming more affordable with better capabilities.

Best Jumper Cables 2021

Jumper Cable 




5.2 pounds

20 feet

400 A

23 pounds

68 inches

1700 A

6.1 pounds

20 feet

500 A

5.6 pounds

20 feet

200 A

11.6 pounds

25 feet

800 A

This product is among the most popular and highest rated jumper cables. It is the safest way to transmit power from an automobile battery. This Cartman booster cables feature tangle-free cables with T-Prene (synthetic rubber) coating so that it can adapt to any kind of weather as well as for easy storage. The cables of this model are extra heavy-duty, which are the most durable consumer-grade cables you can buy. It has clamps that are marked with triple polarity plus an ergonomic design that you can use on either side terminal or top terminal batteries. Because it is 20 feet long, you will not have any difficulty at all in jump starting vehicles in different positions.

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  • The booster cables are 4-gauge, 400 Amp, and 20-foot long. They are constructed from resilient and lightweight copper-covered aluminum
  • It has T-Prene coated cables, which can adapt even at really low temperatures. Because of its synthetic rubber coating, the cables are resistant to motor oil, chemicals, and moisture, and it also makes it easy to store
  • The conducting surfaces are protected to ensure safety
  • The clamps have an ergonomic design and a mark of triple polarity, which includes color coding stamped and UL indent
  • It comes with a handy carrying bag
  • The price is really affordable compared to other jumper cables


  • The plastic covering may get worn out after a while, so it will expose the wires inside the cable

The Clore Automotive JNC770R is also one of the most popular jumper cables. It is handy enough that it can fit right in your hand. Its cable is 68 inches long that can reach the starting points of almost every vehicle, including light and medium duty trucks.

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With 1700 amps of peak power and 425 cranking amps, this jumper cable is strong enough for most vehicles. It weighs only 19 pounds, which is light enough for you to carry it on your own. The rechargeable plugs will be so useful that you can charge anything you need. The LED light indicates the charging status, so there is no need to guess. If you want to stay connected to AC power, you can use this jump starter and it will not even cause any effect.

Automotive service stations can use the Clore Automotive JNC770R, but it is also perfect for dealerships, auctions, personal use, etc. This product has Hot Jaw clamps, which are industrial grade and can be an ideal choice for transmitting optimal energy to your vehicle for best results.


  • It has a total capacity of 1700 amps
  • It uses an industrial grade cable for better functioning
  • The product is handy and lightweight


  • The cable of this jump starter may not be too long
  • More expensive than other jumper cables

This product has tangle-free cables with Polar Glo Polarity Labels that has a unique glow in the dark feature. Therefore, it will be easy for you to identify both the positive and negative ends of the cables. This product is easy to use and has clamps that are ergonomically-designed and can be secured in place on top and side terminal batteries. The Coleman Cable 08660 is engineered for both warm and cold weather conditions.

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The quality of this jumper cable is beyond compare. It has a strong build and thick gauge. For your safety, Coleman made sure that the clamps have a secure design. This product is so easy and safe to use on almost any kind of vehicle. It has a long cable, so you can check different starting points of your vehicle with ease.


  • Uses 4-gauge, the heavy-duty cable that can transfer over 200% extra energy to your vehicle battery compared to the regular 10-gauge cables
  • The cables are one of the most durable consumer-grade cables in the market. They are constructed to be strong enough to endure chemicals, rain, motor oil, and moisture
  • The cables are 20 feet long, which will make it easy for you to connect your vehicle battery to a different one. These cables are designed even for large vehicles and in almost all difficult circumstances
  • The cables are T-Prene coated for easy storage
  • Since it is developed for both hot and cold weather conditions, it can remain flexible in resisting really low temperatures and it can resist heat as well


  • The ends of the clamps have no teeth
  • The clamps twist when opening

These Iron Forge Tools jumper cables are cost-effective, quite easy to carry, and heavy-duty. They are constructed to work perfectly on a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, vans, motorcycles, SUVs, and trucks. The 20-foot long cable is tangle-free, which means you will not waste any time to unclamp them.

This product comes with a carrying case where you can easily roll and store the cables. It can hold out over 400 amps of power, which means it can manage the jump start that any vehicle needs.

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  • It features 4-gauge cables designed for use in all kinds of weather
  • The tangle-free cables are 20 feet long and coated with copper-clad aluminum for lightweight use, more flexible vehicle location, and heavy-duty power transferring capabilities
  • It has a hand carrying bag for convenient storage
  • It comes with a limited lifetime replacement warranty

Energizer made sure that their customer will experience convenience when they use their jumper cables. This particular model offers 25 feet of cable, which will allow you to connect it to the vehicle from the back in order to jump start the battery of another vehicle. Although it has a long cable, you will not waste time to untangle it because it is tangle free.

It is a professional grade heavy-duty cable that mechanics trust. However, it is also a great option for a regular driver because you can depend on it to offer consistent performance every time you use it.

It is made of industrial level copper and aluminum. With a capacity of 800 AMP, this jumper cable can stay flexible even at 40 degrees. Moreover, the clamps have PVC coating for your protection against shocks.


  • Can stay flexible even at low temperatures
  • Uses heavy-duty cables
  • Longer cable than the others on this list


  • The clamps have the tendency to get twisted
  • The current flow capacity is a lot lower than that of pure copper cables

Buyer’s Guide

Some jumper cables are small in size and can be as light as one pound. Most of the jumper cables can also serve as recharging devices; some jumper cables have more than one socket. Because of this, jumper cables are not just a useful item in your car emergency kit, but also in your home. Manufacturers have done some improvements on jumper cables that they now combine jump starters and battery chargers.

When buying jumper cables, you need to consider several factors. These are the specifications that a good jumper cable should have:

specifications that a good jumper cable should have

1. Jump starter power – your reason for purchasing a jumper cable will identify the power level of the cable that you need. Make sure that the cable has the necessary power. Jumper cables have cranking amps and peak amps. Higher cranking amps means more powerful jumper cable. For a unit to be considered good, it should have a minimum of 1200 peak amps and a minimum of 225 cranking amps.

2. Vehicle battery – most vehicles have a 12V battery, but there are premium vehicle models with 6V batteries. Before buying a jumper cable, make sure that it has enough power that is capable of handling the type of battery you have.

3. Wire Gauge – when it comes to the thickness, a lower number means a thicker cable. You need to choose heavy-duty cables since a jump start needs a high current flow to start the car. A flimsy cheaper jumper cable will not guarantee that it can draw enough current. No more than 8-gauge is good enough, but it’s better if you can find an affordable 6- or 4-gauge cable.

4. Insulation – heavy-duty jumper cables usually have heavy insulation. During the jump start process, heat is generated through the cables, and heavier insulation reduces that heat.

5. Heavy-duty clamps – choose a jumper cable with heavy-duty clamps that can securely connect to a battery with either top or side terminals. Technically, the black cable clamps are heavy-duty enough, so you can securely connect them to a good ground. Heavy-duty clamps are larger in size and this can help in avoiding generated sparks.

6. Length – this is a crucial factor in choosing jumper cables. For example, your car needs a jump start on a busy road. Even though you’re just on the side of the road, the other vehicle still has to be behind yours for safety. The jumper cable is recommended to be at least 16 feet for it to reach between the two vehicles.

7. Portability – you will be using the jumper cable during emergency situations on the road, so you must choose one that you can move with ease.

8. Safety features – these are a plus factor when it comes to items that are made to produce power. Auto shutdown when the battery is fully charged is a safety feature that you should look out for.

9. Weight – jumper cables come in a range of weight. There is one that can be a light as one pound, but commercial starters can be as heavy as 20 pounds. If you want to carry it around, consider weight when choosing jumper cables.

10. Reliability – the main purpose of a jumper cable is to deal with a sudden battery failure and thus, you need one that is reliable. By reading out customer reviews, you will have an idea as to how reliable a jumper cable is.

11. Ease of use – you don’t need to be a mechanic or a car expert to use your jumper cable, so don’t choose complicated jumper cables.

12. Warranties – a quality jumper cable comes with a reasonable warranty. The length and terms of the warranty differ from one manufacturer to another. Make sure that you check the terms and conditions of the product warranty before buying a jumper cable.

When your car battery stops working unexpectedly, jumper cables will surely come in handy. They are an essential item for all drivers. They have different gauges and lengths that are suitable for different needs. Hopefully, this list of the best jumper cables can help you find the one that is best suited for you.

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