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How To Remove Car Stereo With or Without Keys

how to remove car stereo

You finally decide to install a new stereo in your car, here we tell you how to remove car stereos in different ways.

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How To Unlock Your GM Radio or Chevy Radio

Chevy Car Radio unlocked

If your car’s Theftlock radio happens to get locked, there’s an easy way to make your radio work again. This article will tell you how to get the radio unlocked in a GMC or Chevy car.

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The BOSS Amp Wiring Kit – BOSS Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Kit Review

This Boss amplifier wiring kit review will show you the pros and cons of the BOSS Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit.

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The Powerbass 3 Hole Angled 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Review

Car subwoofer box

The 12-inch Power Bass 12 (3 holes, angled) box/car subwoofer box/enclosure is ideal for people who own big cars that are in need of some solid rock sounds.

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What Is a Subwoofer and What Does a Subwoofer Do?

What does a subwoofer do

What does a subwoofer do? Well, it produces sounds just like a speaker, but it does more than your average speaker. To understand how it works, you should know first what a subwoofer is. Quick Navigation What is a Subwoofer?The Parts of a SubwooferHow a Subwoofer WorksTips for Installing a Subwoofer to Your Home Theater […]

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How Often Should You Upgrade Your Car Speakers?


Any car enthusiast will appreciate having the best sound system installed for their car. how often should you upgrade car speakers? read this article.

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