How To Reset ABS light Without Scan Tool ( Important Facts & Tips )

Whether you’re already a car owner or wondering about getting a new one, it’s crucial to get familiar with each and every function of your personal vehicle. And one of the essential parts of your car is hands down, the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

So, it won’t be a waste of time to learn how to resent ABS light without scan tool. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today!

In this article, you’ll get to know the proper technique of resetting ABS light without the help of a scanning tool, including why and when an anti-lock braking system light can turn on and how to turn it off.

So let me show you all the nooks and crannies here!

Note for Featured Snippet: How to reset ABS light without scan tool:

  • Step-1: Getting Jumper Wire
  • Step-2: Locating the Data Link Connector
  • Step-3: Making a Connection of Jumper and DLC
  • Step-4: Resetting the System

Definition of ABS Light

The anti-lock braking system, also known as abs system light, is a special safety feature designed to detect noticeable issues with the brake, speed sensors, wheels, and other common parts of your personal car.

You get it, eh? It assists in preventing accidents or other possible dangers because of having critical faults in your vehicle.

The abs warning light is directly located on the dashboard and it works similarly as temperature light, engine light, etc. This may turn on while functional issues appear of your vehicle’s ABS braking system, such as – fluids, valves, controllers, sensors, and so on!

That’s why I’d suggest you take action straight away when it appears.

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Why Is the ABS Light On?

Since ABS is a warning light, it aids in informing you what’s going wrong with the anti-lock braking system.

Every single issue related to ABS required an individual solution. That’s why when you notice the ABS light is on, your next step will be to check out the related components to find out the actual issues with the system.

I’ve incorporated 7 common ABS problems given below. And keep in mind, each of them is liable to turn on your abs light:

  • Issues with solenoid valves
  • Problems on the ABS sensor
  • Wiring issues
  • Inadequate ABS fluid
  • Issues with ABS controllers
  • The worn out anti-lock braking system that requires proper replacements
  • Issues with the ABS pump, which can be either failing or damaged

How to Turn Off ABS Light – 5 Easy-Peasy Steps to Follow!

If you don’t know how to shut off abs light, you’ll have to follow the below-mentioned steps thoroughly. So try to note them down:

  • Step-1: First off, you have to make sure the light of abs is engaged after your car’s engine is off.
  • Step-2: Collect scan tool immediately with scanning modes of ABS
  • Step-3: Scan yourself and make sure to utilize it on the ABS with scanning tool
  • Step-4: Remove all the error codes you have scanned
  • Step-5: Now, turn off the ABS light!

Although the light can be turned off manually, this will require a lot more complex steps to get the job done.

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How To Reset ABS light Without Scan Tool – Step-By-Step Guide:

Let’s cut to the chase! After getting familiar with the reasons behind “ABS light turn on” and how to turn off the anti-lock brake light, it’s time to move on to the real action!

So right now, I’ll teach you how to resent ABS light, and that too without any scanning tool. Follow me and check the steps given fellow:

Step-1: Getting Jumper Wire

The first duty is to purchase a jumper wire. You may find it in auto-parts shops or such stores.

To make sure you get your hands on the right piece of kit, feel free to ask the owner of shop. It’s crucial to confirm whether it’s compatible with the data link connector (DLC) or not.

You should also tell him about your car’s age. Yep, I’m talking about the make and year of your vehicle, for which he can show you the perfect jumper wire.

Step-2: Locating the Data Link Connector

So, the ideal fused jumper is on your hands now, right? Okay, then finding the data link connector is what you’ll do.

Usually, the data link connector stands underneath the glove box of vehicle. But it can also be found underneath the driver side or side dash from time to time.

When your vehicle is off, be sure to look for the data link connector. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep yourself out of every potential damage. After all, safety comes first; what do you think?

Step-3: Making a Connection of Jumper and DLC

While connecting them, you’ll notice the wires are included with a specific connector, which is wide and goes straightly into the data link connector. Feel free to set them up.

After setting them up, start the vehicle. Now, you’ll notice the light of ABS begins to flash several times. You can proceed if it happens in front of you.

Step-4: Resetting the System

Let’s reset the ABS light now since you’ve successfully connected the fused jumper wire. But here, you’ll have to perform the following things below:

  • First off, start pressing the brake pedal down without releasing or accelerating the parking brake. Stay focused as you’ll hear a “click” coming out of the data link connector with a single press.
  • Did you notice a click? If so, press down the brake 7-8 times without stopping. And try to perform the task as quickly as possible (preferably within 2-4 seconds).
  • Now, you won’t notice any flash lighting. But if you still do, feel free to perform the “pedal pressing task” once again. By doing so, you’ll be capable of releasing the light of ABS from engaging.
  • The ABS may remain illuminated at times longer than the average period, but don’t worry! Ensure to flash a couple of times and turn it off. Voila! You’ve completed the task of resetting the ABS light successfully. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Now you can move forward to take off the jumper wires and the other cables from the data link connector. Go ahead!

Note: If you want to get practical knowledge on how to reset Toyota abs light without a scan tool, click here to watch the complete video!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to disable abs light?

Answer: Disabling the light of abs is illegal and not recommended for all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t disable it! Getting a specific OBD-II scanner will be required so that you can make a connection between this diagnostic tool and your car.

Auto-scanning on your ABS module and removing all the error codes are what you have to perform. But these should be done once you’ve successfully solved the problems that are informed by codes.

However, I won’t suggest resetting the error codes without solving the issues on your vehicle’s braking system.

  1. Should I continue to drive when the light of ABS is on?

Answer: Not at all! This anti-lock braking system lets you know what’s happening with the wheels or brake of your vehicle.

That’s why when you notice the abs light has turned on, check out your car by following my guide. By doing so, you’ll be capable of solving the issues before something worst happens.

  1. Is it okay to replace my ABS system?

Answer: As I’ve mentioned before, this should be your last try when you notice the light of abs has turned on and you’re quite unable to turn it off.

But if you’ve done everything yet aren’t able to fix the issues, then replacing your anti-lock braking system should be your only way to go.

  1. What’s the average cost of an anti-lock braking system?

Answer: It highly depends on which car model you’ve owned. If you’re looking for the cheapest one, it’ll be possible to get something that’s no more than 100$.

But a high-end model may cost you 500$ or a bit more. So you should pay attention to your car’s model as well as your budget.

  1. Can you disconnect abs brakes?

Answer: Disconnecting abs brakes won’t be a tough job. Feel free to click here to know about how to disable abs brakes without much effort.

Wrapping Things Up!

When the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is engaged, it’s okay to either utilize manual procedures or a specific scanning tool to reset perfectly. But since manual reset is a bit more complicated, I’d suggest getting scanning tools so that the whole task seems like a walk in the park to you!

But if you still want to reset without a diagnostic tool, my write-up on how to reset ABS light without scan tool will come in handy! And I hope you’ve earned plenty of knowledge about this topic.

Meta Description: Here, I’ll show you how to rest the ABS light without a scan tool, including why is the ABS light on and how to turn abs off. Stay tuned!

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