P0507 CODE: Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected

A lot of car owners have encountered the error code P0507 and struggled to get rid of it. Are you on the same page with those folks? Well, I can help you with that. I’ll be sharing details and an effective fix for this engine code in this post.

What is Engine code P0507

It is the generic OBD2 DTC or diagnostic trouble code that refers to the error in your car’s indolent control system. P0507 is associated with both P0505 & P0506. The P0507 means the indolent control system’s RPM is higher than usual.

The ECU comes with a particular RPM range that the idle control system can reach. Therefore, the ECU sets this error code when the RPM is higher than it should be. When this code has been triggered, it will put your car into the failsafe mode. At the same time, the check engine lighting indicator will start to illuminate. You will find it somewhere on your dashboard.

Causes of this Error Code

P0507 takes place due to several reasons. These factors include the following:

  • Intake air leakage
  • Clogged or damaged IAC valve
  • Accumulation of carbon on your throttle body
  • Broken power steering compression button
  • Alternator has malfunctioned

  • The Signs and Symptoms of P0507

    Checking your car for this error code should not be a big problem. Just check it for any of these symptoms for proper diagnosis:

  • High motor idle
  • Shifting idle
  • Your car struggles to start
  • Bad idle
  • Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected

    P0506 CODE: 

    How to Check and Diagnose OBD2 CODE P0507

    Since this code is referring to indolent air control failure, the very first thing that you will have to inspect to correctly diagnose will be to check the given data for freeze-frame to find out when the system has started to malfunction.

    Likewise, it is a must to test the primary function of this system. You should turn your steering wheel like what you’re doing to park the car while it’s stopped, and the motor is idling. This way, the system will be energized, and the motor’s idle RPM will amplify. This will prevent your engine from stalling in case of a higher load that is often due to the power steering thrust that works an almost maximum output.

    Be sure to pay more attention to your data stream. Check as well for a high RPM. Also, be sure to check if the system responds. Open your throttle body and inspect its blade to find out if it needs cleaning. Get rid of the accumulated carbon before closing your throttle body.

    If you seek help from me, then I will diagnose the issue with these measures:

  • Hook up the scanning tool to your car’s DLC port to check for the existing codes.
  • Record the given data that I will use on test drives and clear the present codes.
  • Carry out a test drive to replicate the malfunction
  • Do a physical inspection to detect any broken vacuum line or external air leaks
  • Inspect the car’s throttle body for extreme carbon buildup and the correct opening/closing function
  • Use the scanning tool in checking the RPM. At the same time, the power steering compression switch and IAC will undergo testing
  • Test the entire charging system

  • How to Repair and Resolve P0507?

    Keep in mind that the code P0507 is considered as an informational type instead of a warning one. So, when the scanning tool shows you other codes, then you should diagnose those codes first.

    If you did not find any other code, the next thing to do is to check and inspect the intake air system to detect vacuum or air damages or leaks. If you did not find any other signs aside from the DTC, just clear the code and watch out if it returns after some drives.

    If you are using a revolutionary scanning tool with the ability to interact with cars, command the indolent higher or lower, and find out if the motor will react correctly or not. Also, you must inspect the PCV valve. Make sure it is not clogged. If it requires replacement, then do it as soon as possible.

    Finally, you must carefully check the indolent air controller. Make sure it’s equipped and confirm its performance. Try to swap in the latest throttle body (when available) and find out whether it can potentially fix the issue. Some vehicles out there will just require the indolent air relearn process or other similar relearn processes by the car’s dealer.


    Getting rid of the P0507 is not as difficult as you think. You can try those steps I gave on how to fix it. If you have doubts that you think you can’t make it, then don’t hesitate to bring your car to the nearest auto repair shop or contact a mechanic near your location.

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