How to Remove Scratches From Car Windows, The Smart Ways

Over the course of owning a car, you will encounter problems like windshield scratches and marks. Having scratches on your windshield is not just annoying, but can also be very dangerous as larger and deeper marks and scratches can obstruct your view. Accidents may happen and may cost you and your passengers’ lives if you are not careful. This guide will show you how to remove scratches from car windows as well as scratches from your car’s windshield.

Before you try to remove scratches from your car windows, inspect the affected part, and check if the scratch is deep or is only superficial. Deep scratches are dangerous as slight pressure can rip the scratches apart and break the windshield or car window. If you have deep scratches on your car windows and windshield, don't waste time. Have it replaced ASAP.

But for light scratches or superficial scratches, we have some of the best ways to remove scratches from auto glass for you.

Using a car window scratch repair kit

A scratch repair kit comes with all the things you need to fix a light scratch: a bottle containing liquid glass cleaner, polishing cloth, glass repair solution, and safety materials like a pair of gloves and mask. Remember that this method of removing windshield scratches only works only for light scratches and never on deep cuts.

  • Clean the car window or windshield with the glass cleaner

Start by cleaning the car window or your windshield with the glass cleaning solution that came with the kit. Follow the directions on how to use this solution and always protect your hand with gloves and cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

  • Dry the area completely

After cleaning the area with the glass cleaner, dry the area with some paper towels. You may also use a hairdryer on the lowest setting.

  • Apply the glass repair solution

Once the area is completely dry, apply the glass car window scratch repair solution. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Usually, glass repair solutions come with a special applicator or brush. Use only this applicator and never other brushes or wands for even and effective application of the solution. Let the solution dry completely; leave it under the sun.

  • Wipe the area with a polishing cloth

Wipe the treated area with a polishing cloth.

DIY automotive glass scratch removal

There are a lot of DIY techniques to deal with car window and windshield scratches and possibly the most popular one is using non-gel toothpaste. This type of toothpaste can seep through scratches and small pits to glue the small pieces together. When properly done, this can provide a temporary remedy to a scratched automobile glass but you still need to have your window or windshield checked.

  • Clean the affected surface first

Clean the window or windshield to remove dust, debris, or dirt. Inspect the area very well to make sure that everything is clean before applying toothpaste.

  • Apply toothpaste using a soft cloth

Time to apply the non-gel toothpaste over the area. Use a soft, clean cloth to apply the paste. Use soft pressure to apply the toothpaste.

  • Lightly “massage” the paste over the affected area

Use a very light massage to press the toothpaste on the affected area. DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD as you may only damage your window or windshield.

  • Polish the area with a soft cloth

Use a separate soft, clean cloth to polish the treated area. Rub the toothpaste in a soft, circular motion until the paste has completely penetrated the cracks. Finish with a polishing cloth.

Using an acrylic scratch remover windshield

An acrylic scratch remover will cover the scratch with a light but impenetrable layer. This formula seeps through the cracks and small gaps plus will keep small scratches from becoming worse.

  • Clean the affected area

Clean the affected area with a soft cloth. Some dirt and dust will surely be found in the cracks so use a soft brush to remove these.

  • Apply the acrylic scratch remover on the area – follow package instructions

Read the instructions on how to apply the acrylic scratch remover on the cracks and scratches. Apply accordingly.

  • Wait till the area is dry

Dry the affected area by just letting your car remain under the sun. Don't use a hairdryer or blower.

  • Buff the area well

Use a soft cloth to buff the area. Be patient until you have attained a clean and clear window or windshield. Use a separate cloth to buff the area to perfection.

Using a hand-held drill or polisher

get deep scratches out of car windows

How to get deep scratches out of car windows? Experts usually use a hand-held drill or a hand-held polisher to remove the scratches. This method will only work if the scratches are light or just superficial. Take note: be patient with this method as you might damage your windshield rather than repair it!

  • Clean the area very well

Start by cleaning the area, removing all dust and dirt. Use a soft, fine brush to remove all dust and dirt, especially those that accumulate in the cracks and scratches.

  • Use a drill or polisher in the lowest setting

A polisher or drill will grind the surface and level the affected area. Place it in the lowest setting so you’ll have better control of the tool.

  • Remove dust and dirt

As you go along, remove any dust and dirt that have accumulated on the surface of the glass.

  • Repeat the procedure as needed

Repeat using the drill or polisher as needed.

If all else fails, consult a professional on how to remove scratches from car windows. An expert will also evaluate if you need to have your car windows or windshield replaced or if you can use a special glass repair kit. Automobile glass replacement may or may not be covered by your auto insurance. Check this out before you take your car to the nearest authorized repair center for replacement.

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