How Much to Tint Windows of Your Car? The Average Window Tinting Prices

Let's face it. We want our cars to be at their best. We want them to be something we'll be proud of. One of the best things to keep our cars look good is by giving them a new coat of tint for the windows. Tinting not only adds style and sophistication to our vehicles. It also gives us protection and privacy while we're inside the car.

In this post, I will tell you more about car window tinting. Of course, I will give you some thoughts on the car window tinting cost and how much your budget should be for car window tinting.

Advantages of Getting Your Car Windows Tinted

As an auto mechanic, I want you to know that you can get a lot of benefits out of getting your car windows tinted. One of these has something to do about your protection against the harmful UV rays.

Window tinting has been proven effective in blocking up to 99% harmful UV rays. For that, tinted windows are cooler than their non-tinted counterparts. They have an estimated 60% or more cooler, so you won't feel hot while you stay inside the car.

As you can see, window tinting protects you from the harmful sun rays. Also, getting your car windows tinted will help keep the interiors less vulnerable to cracking and fading.

Can you imagine that? You may pay hundreds of dollars for car window tinting. However, the benefits it can offer day after day will help you avoid those common preventable issues that may cost you more in the long run.

Many people have chosen to have their vehicles tinted as they want protection from the scorching heat. Others choose to get their cars tinted for privacy purposes, too.

Another advantage of having your cars professionally tinted is that a reputable service provider knows the laws implemented concerning the state or local policies about tinting and how dark the car windows should be.

Every auto mechanic is aware that every state is implementing a different law. So, I suggest you check the laws imposed in your area before you get your car windows tinted. Professionals are also using high-quality film and guarantees that the tint has been applied evenly without debris or bubbles.

Car window tinting is not usually done with the heat gun that outlines the film to the entire glass. So, you can't just hire anyone for a cheap car window tinting service. If you do, be ready for the unexpected to happen. He may accidentally cause scratches to the glass. Likewise, they may harm the paint of your car.

The benefits you will enjoy a lot in getting your car tinted from a professional service provider will be the warranty and the overall quality of the provided service. A lot of car window tinting specialists provide a lifetime warranty for the color change, peeling and bubbling with proof of purchase coming from any authorized installer.

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

The price is nearly the main thing to consider when you want your car to be tinted. Window tints are not as expensive as you might be thinking.

On average, the cost of getting your car tinted ranges from $100 to $400. That price range will be for the entire car. All windows will be tinted.

However, I want you to be frank enough with yourself. Think of your budget before you start looking for a professional installer. With the $100 to $400 price range, you should think about it again if you just want to spend $100 or even less than that if possible.

Getting your car tinted for just $100 can be tempting, but you can't be sure the quality and durability will be long-lasting. The low-end tint is affordable, but it also looks cheap. It is not as efficient as it should be in serving its supposed purpose. In short, you spent your money on something useless. Yes, you saved but will fail to get the best return on your investment.

The actual cost to tint windows will depend on several factors. A few of the key points to consider when it comes to the price will be:

  • The kind of car you want to be tinted
  • The shade and kind of window tinting you want
  • If your windows are already tinted and need an upgrade
  • Does the Car Window Tint Have a Warranty?

    When you buy a car window tint without the warranty, and the films begin to peel off and crack, there's no good word to describe how frustrating it is. The warranty will depend on the cost of car tinting. The higher the cost you paid for the service, the better warranty you'll get.

    A lot of car window tint brands provide a warranty without extra charges. Buying car tints with a warranty will not just cover faulty materials. It will also give you the confidence and assurance that your tints are of the best quality.

    Businesses do not want to lose money. So, if they offer you a warranty, that will only mean they are 100% sure and confident about their products. Of course, the warranty will make you feel you've made a good choice.

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    Special Features Added to Car Window Tints

    Technology has become more amazing today as it continuously develops. This is true even for the window tint. Some window tints provide superior UV protection that will make your vehicle literally cool and comfortable inside, so you don't need to set the AC to a higher temperature to get rid of heat.

    Other car tints provide accurate machine-cutting that ensures the tinting films are properly positioned on the windows. Also, some tints protect glass shattering during the attempted theft. A few more expensive tints are almost unbreakable. Teens will not be able to shatter them with a rock.

    Again, all those perks depend on the car window tinting price. The more you pay for the tints, the better features, and the benefits you can get. Take my expert tip: shop around before you buy.

    Get at least 3 options, and compare their prices and features. Pick the window tints with features that best suit your needs and expectations.

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