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No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you will have to visit a service shop for a tire change, oil change, or standard maintenance at least once in a while. In today's modern world, we rely on vehicles more than ever, and the problem is that with frequent usage, these vehicles will need a lot of maintenance and repair. Sooner or later every car will need repair.

The Tire Choice is one of the more popular companies when it comes to auto services. If you take a look at their Yelp reviews, you will find a lot of 5-star ratings mostly due to the quality of service and friendly mechanics. What sets apart The Tire Choice from other auto service company is how fast and efficient they do their work. Most auto service companies knowing that the customer has very few options will try to nickel and dime them for everything.

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One of the hassles, when it comes to auto repairs for customers, is the waiting period as most often, these auto service shops are full of customers cars. Luckily you can schedule an appointment and depend on what kind of service your vehicle needs the waiting time is relatively low. Auto service shops can be often considered dirty as there is a lot of work being done with different oils and materials.

However, when it comes from a customer stand of the point when you have to wait at least 30 minutes for a tire or oil change, the cleanliness of the customer bathrooms is essential. At The Tire Choice,  you will not only find the entire shop clean, but the customer waiting areas are also comfortable.

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Everybody loves to save money, especially when it comes to costly repairs although if you have totalled your car a $20 coupon will not help you. Most auto service shops do offer coupons at the location although most of them will try to upsell you some useless item to get the coupon. The Tire Choice not only provides coupons online but also offers discounts in the shop. Generally speaking, if you decide to use more than one of their services, you will get a discount.

Usually, the value of the coupons at The Tire Choice is around $20 and they also offer a guarantee for the service with which you have used the coupons

  • $20 coupon for wheel alignment, which also includes guaranteed even tread wear ( check the tire treads  )
  • $20 coupon for brake packages, which consists of a lifetime brake pad warranty
  • $15.99 coupon for oil changes, which also includes the cost of inspection

Benefits of Using the Drive Card

  • Special discounts which are only available for Drive Cardholders
  • You can also use their online and offline coupons
  • The Drive card is accepted in every Drive Card location
  • No liability in case of fraudulent purchases

You can get a Drive Card online or offline. You can visit, and you can also get by requesting any The Tire Choice location. Just keep in mind to bring your documents and a pen with you if you choose to request a Drive Card at a The Tire Choice location.

Tires Choice Drive Card

Generally speaking, after you have filled out the application online or offline, your Drive Card will arrive in around 1-2 weeks.

In addition to signing up for a Drive Card, you can also sign up to the website's newsletter where you will get additional discounts reasonably often. By using the online coupons, the Drive Card, and the extra discounts from the newsletter, you will save significant time.

The Tire Choice Near Me

Currently, The Tire Choice is not present in all US states; the states that have The Tire Choice are Florida, California, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In these five states, there are 148 The Tire Choice auto service shops in total. However, if you want to find the closest one to you, you will need to visit their site. You may not only check for the nearest The Tire Choice but also make an appointment.

tyre near me

If you live or travel in the states which have The Tire Choice services, you will have the same top-notch experience. If you tend to go a lot for work in one of these states than having a Drive Card would be extremely useful. Most GPS service providers or mobile apps do list every The Tire Choice nearby if you are in a hurry use them.

The Tire Choice Services

The Tire Choice offers complete services for any car if you have any problem with your car they can probably fix it. All of their services come with a written estimative and with flexible pricing packages. Most The Tire Choice services have three different packages, Good, Better, and Best. Each package offers certain extras.

Tires Services

Using a car with worn tires can be a disaster. Due to the worn tires not having enough grip on the asphalt, Vehicles fail to brake fast enough. Cars with worn tires can be especially dangerous at high speeds, during rain and during the wintertime as in each of these cases the grip of the tire to the actual road is not adequate.

The Tire Choice is considered an expert in the domain of car tires. Not only they offer a complete installation with guarantee, but they only use the top brands of tires. In addition to this, they also offer coupons for their tire changing services.  Depending on the shop, you can also buy second-hand tires which tested and approved by the The Tire Choice mechanics.

The Tire Choice's Tire Brands

Tire Choice Tire Brands
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Good Year
  • Yokohama
  • BF Goodrich
  • Pirelli
  • Falken Tire
  • Hankook
  • Kelly Tires
  • Pantera Tire
  • Black Lion
  • OHTSU Tires
  • Achilles Radial

In addition to coupons and discounts for different service The Tire Choice also offers special offers for different types of tires. However most of these are limited-time offers, but if you are looking to change your tires, check out their current offers. The only problem with these special offers is that only Drive Cardholders are eligible. If you are satisfied with The Tire Choice services and you will be using their services in the future,  it is a good idea to get the Drive Card.  It offers special offers, numerous discounts, and flexible payment alternatives.

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Auto repair Services

When it comes to auto repair The Tire Choice strictly follows not only the Motorist Assurance Program but also the manufacturer of your vehicle maintenance schedule. When you first roll in the shop, the mechanic will identify the problem after which he will give you an estimative on the costs. Do note that this estimate is in writing and it also offers you either a three month or a 4000-mile guarantee. Generally speaking, other auto service shops give you a verbal estimative and depending on how you react to the amount. They might even jack up the price further once the job finished. It is why it is crucial to have a written estimate provided by the mechanic like at The Tire Choice. 

At The Tire Choice the mechanic will also make you a suggestion on which service package you should use. This, of course, only depends on you if you use it or not, but you will find that there are a lot of service packages for different budgets and timelines. find the mud tires here.

car repair

The good news is that the brake inspection at The Tire Choice is entirely free of charge. Once the technicians have completed the brake service, you will receive a written estimate of the total cost and the suggested brake-related service. They also take in consideration the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), and the cost will be included in the written estimate. The written estimate will consist of one of the following brake services packages Good, Better, and Best.

Each of the three brake service packages will include the installation of brand new ceramic packages and a six month or a 6000-mile labor guarantee. The Better and Best packages also include work on the rotors and an extended warranty, 12 months or 12000-mile labor guarantee for the Better package and a 24 month or a 24000-mile labor guarantee.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services

Most people who need to go to an auto service shop is due to maintenance. Depending on what kind of car or truck you drive will determine how frequently you need to visit auto repair shops for maintenance. Do note that besides the general maintenance no matter what kind of car you drive, it will also have a manufacturers maintenance schedule.

At The Tire Choice after the initial inspection, which is usually free, the technicians will make the suggestions based upon the apparent maintenance problems and the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

Maintenance services are big business for any auto repair shop as these tend to be completed relatively quickly, and the parts needed are cheap. As the competition in the auto maintenance field increases, the price of these services decreases, some auto service shops offer maintenance services almost for free but will try to upsell you aggressively to make a profit.

However, The Tire Choice still offers a price lower of 5% in comparison to its competitors. You might even get the upsell, but it is not as aggressive as at any other auto repair shops.

Maintenance services include

  • Oil change
  • Fluids
  • General maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance and repair
  • Fleet services for companies and businesses
tire maintenance Services

Oil change Services

When it comes to cars or any other type of vehicle which has an engine, it is essential to make the oil change. Changing the oil will make the car function a lot smoother and reliable. Also, it will keep the engine alive and functioning correctly for a longer period.  No matter what kind of car you drive,  you do not want to either skip on the oil change or to use cheap oil.  Both of these will potentially harm your engine, not to mention your miles per dollar will decrease significantly.

Oil change

The Tire Choice uses Valvoline oils for an oil change, and they have four oil change packages. Each of them is using a different kind of Valvoline oil, which also improves the performance and longevity of your engine, but it also costs more money.

Oil change packages

  • Good: This package uses the Valvoline Conventional motor oil
  • Better: This package uses the Valvoline High Mileage with Maxlife Technology, basically your engine will live longer and will use a lot less fuel
  • Best: This package uses the Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil which also has a 300 000 mile engine guarantee and a free tire rotation included
  • Ultimate: This package uses the Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage with Maxlife Technology oil, this also includes the 300 000 mile engine guarantee and the free tire rotation

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In Conclusion

The Tire Choice is one of the best auto service shops around, and the only problem is that you can not find them in all the US states. They offer competitive prices and written estimates, which is a must for any successful auto service shop. In addition to this The Tire Choice also affords several discounts and coupon codes, with the Drive Card you will get additional discounts available only for the Drive Card owners.

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