Best Oil Catch Can for Your Modified Vehicles

When you start browsing the internet for oil catch cans, you will be overwhelmed by thousands of results that claim to be the best.

Now, to help you keep your car in upper shape, we carefully picked 6 of the high-quality oil catch cans so that you may find it easier to choose.

Top Rated Oil Catch Cans 2021

1. Mishimoto MMBCC CAM8 16PBE Baffled Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto is one of the best oil catch can brands. The Mishimoto MMBCC-CAM 8-16 PRD black bracket and hose baffled oil catch can is designed to stop oil from getting inside the LT1 engine. It prevents oil build-up with the 50-micron bronze filter that separates air and oil. This baffled oil catch can also facilitate efficient burn so carbon build-up occurs in the intake valves.

Ease of Use

Mount the oil catch with the PCV manifold, away from the supercharger and intake system to create adequate space for any modifications in the future. The application bracket and fitted silicone hoses also make installation faster and simpler than other oil catch cans in the market today.


  • Excellent fit for Chevrolet car models like the 2016 Camaro SS.
  • Reduces carbon build-up and an oil slick on the intake valves.
  • 30-minute installation time.
  • Patented pending housing 6061 aluminum oil catch can with Viton 0-rings.
  • Robust mounting brackets that secure the can is away from supercharging kits and most oil intake.
  • Pre-molded hose designed with factory fittings to simplify the installation process.
  • Protects engine and intake system components from any oil vapors.
  • A strong connection between can and lines through the CNC aluminum fittings.
  • 3 ounces capacity for better performance and serving intervals.
  • Internal air separator to increase air turbulence and improve oil filtration.
  • Maintains adequate octane levels for reduced potential detonation.
  • Fully serviceable can and filtering system.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Value for Money

    Longer service and performance can be achieved by checking the baffles for potential oil contents every travel distance of 1,000 miles. Reducing the oil build-up, however, may depend on driving conditions and temperatures. The catch can prevents the contents from rising above the baffle so you get your money’s worth.


  • Defends the intake with direct fuel injection to facilitate efficient burn while allowing carbon build-up on the valves.
  • Direct-fit baffled oil catch can which is suitable with air and oil separator to achieve maximum protection.
  • Silicone hoses to increase pressure tolerance as well as durability.
  • Pre-attached stock style fittings to install the can easily.
  • Washable and serviceable catch can kit.
  • Cons

  • May act like cross-threaded.
  • Seems expensive.
  •  Mishimoto MMBCC-CAM8-16PBE

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    2. ESPEEDER Oil Catch Can

    This oil catch can from ESPEEDER has a simple and functional design. The black can is made of T6061 Aluminum for durability and reliability.

    The top part of the can has a mounting bracket that you could easily clamp on your engine. You will also find the properly labeled input and output on this side of the can. To assist you in checking the contents of the can without opening the can, ESPEEDER designed this catch can with a removable dipstick. (Read: dipstick tube removal)

    To prevent reintroduction of impurities on the air intake of your engine, a baffle is fitted under the output channel of the catch can top cap.

    The bottom catcher can store a maximum of 300ml of fluid. It comes with a 770mm heat resistant hose with clamps, gasket, and other fittings to make sure that the device will work properly without leaking.


  • This product is made with reliable grade heat resistant aluminum that can withstand increased engine bay temperature.
  • It has a dipstick gauge that lets you check the contents without opening the can.
  • ESPEEDER’s oil catch can is quite affordable.
  • The size of the oil catch can easily fit tight spaces of cars with small remaining space in the engine bay.
  • Cons

  • It has no drain plug at the bottom and requires you to remove the bottom part of the can to clean it.
  • Although it comes with 770mm hose, you may need to purchase a few more to make the connections.
  • The can capacity is limited to 300ml, which would not work perfect for large direct injection diesel engines.
  • ESPEEDER Universal Aluminum Car Truck Engine Oil Catch Can

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    3. EVIL ENERGY Universal Oil Catch Can

    Evil Energy is a brand manufactured by Yibai Industry CO., LTD based in China. This family-owned company was established in 2005 and has been designing and manufacturing aluminum products since then. They specialize in making aftermarket car accessories that are meticulously designed for a perfect fit.

    Product Specifications

    The black aluminum can have a very straightforward and simple design. The top has the air inlet and outlet and is fitted with a steel wool filter and a baffling system. The design prevents the reintroduction of impurities back to the engine air intake.

    They also designed this catch can with a dipstick for convenient checking of contents without removing the bottom can. The bottom of the can has grooves for easy removal. You can use your chain wrench to facilitate quick and easy removal of the can.

    This product comes with two pieces, each of 6mm and 10mm fittings. It comes with an 800mm long heat resistant hose and necessary clamps to seal them. Lastly, this oil catch can come with O rings and gaskets to prevent leakage.


  • It has a 400ml catch can that won’t require you to clean and drain too frequently.
  • This oil catch can is easy to mount and install with the mounting brackets that it comes with.
  • It comes with necessary fittings in varying sizes to fit your needs.
  • This product has a dipstick that lets you gauge how full your can is.
  • The steel wool serves as an additional filter to prevent the reintroduction of impurities to your engine air intake.
  • Evil Energy’s oil catch can has a low price.
  • Cons

  • You would have to detach the whole bottom can to remove and drain the contents.
  • You may need to purchase a more reliable hose to complete the connections.
  • EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can

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    4. Aluminum Oil Catch Can
    (Best Heavy Duty Oil Catch Can With Large Reservoir)

    Ruien’s oil catch can is made of high grade polished aluminum that has a matte black finish. The removable cylindrical reservoir at the bottom of the can has a 400ml capacity. The top part of the can has a universal mounting bracket that allows easy installation of this device.

    The input and output can be found at the top cap of the can and comes with different sizes of fittings to accommodate most car models. This product comes with an 800mm hose tubing that is enough to complete the necessary connections from the PCV valve to the intake manifold.

    The top cap is attached with a baffling system that helps prevent re-entry of the collected fluids back to the intake manifold.

    The oil catch can setup is small enough to fit on your engine but still has a decent-sized reservoir for less frequent need to drain. The can has a detachable dipstick on top to help you measure the contents of the can without the need to open it. This saves you the hassle of removing the bottom cylinder just to see the contents.

    This oil catch can is quite easy to install and comes with all the necessary screws, brackets, mounts, and clamps to make everything work.


  • The size of the reservoir is ideal for less frequent maintenance.
  • This product comes with a hose and clamps to ensure the connections won't leak.
  • The internal baffling system is a plus and prevents re-entry of gunk to the air intake manifold.
  • You don’t need to open the can to check for the contents since it has a dipstick to do that.
  • Cons

  • Although it already comes with a hose, you might want to upgrade that with something sturdier.
  • You may also want to use higher quality clamps.
  • Aluminum Oil Catch Can

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    5. EIGIIS Universal Car Oil Catch Can Kit

    Let’s take a look at EIGIIS universal oil catch can. It has a stylish black finish that is made of aluminum. It comes with two sets of different sized fittings to fit your need. The cap has groves that facilitate your grip while holding it. The mounting brackets are affixed to the top cap and can be tilted and adjusted accordingly for easy installation. It has a dipstick on top that lets you easily monitor the contents of the can.

    Aside from the input and output ports on the side, this device has a port on top of the can. The top port lets you attach a breather filter, which comes with the kit that allows your system to expel excess pressure. This normalizes the pressure of your air intake because some of the pressurized air from the PCV vent can escape.

    The bottom can has a 300ml capacity and can be easily detached. The output port is fitted with a brass low micron filter that works hand in hand with the baffle. The can has grooves on the bottom that facilitates your grip. In case you have tightened it too much, you can grip the groves with a chain wrench without slipping.

    This product comes with o rings, necessary screws, two sets of fittings in different sizes, rubber hose, and clamps.


  • Everything you need is included in the kit to complete the connection of the oil catch can to your PCV valve.
  • You have an option to attach a breather on top of the oil catch can facilitate pressure relief.
  • It has a decent 300ml capacity for less frequent drainage.
  • It has a dipstick that lets you measure the contents without removing the can.
  • Cons

  • It does not have a drain plug at the bottom for easier maintenance.
  • Although the kit comes with hose and clamps, they are not the best quality, and you may want to buy it separately.
  • EIGIIS Universal Car Oil Catch Can Kit

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    6. Mishimoto MMOCC-LA Aluminum Oil Catch Can (best oil catch can for turbo)

    As you know, Mishimoto makes the lead oil catch can. The Mishimoto MMOCC-LA aluminum oil catch can is designed to prevent oil build-up in the turbocharger, piping, intercooler, and intake system. It gets into the pressurized turbo piping while making sure that oil vapors don’t get in the intake manifold. Essentially, it avoids low combustion temperatures and improves overall efficiency.

    Ease of Use

    Checking fluid levels is easily done using the built-in sight tube. Mishimoto engineers designed this aluminum oil catch can as a full kit so that it comes with all the essential accessories and components including fittings, clamps, and hose. Each mechanical part makes MMOCC-LA a handy oil container inside your turbo piping system


  • Isolates oil vapors from PCV air.
  • Protects the intake system, intercooler, and other important components from oil build-up.
  • Lightweight aluminum material for long-lasting performance.
  • Convenient engine bay arrangement with a compact design.
  • Available in wrinkle red, wrinkle black, carbon fiber, and polished aluminum.
  • Adequate 900cc capacity.
  • Lifetime warranty for customer satisfaction.
  • Value for Money

    Moreover, this polished aluminum oil catch can also offer a complete kit with all the necessary clamps, mounting brackets, fittings, mounting hardware, and hose to easily upgrade auto aesthetics and performance. Car owners can take advantage of year-round maintenance with minimum spending using this oil catch can.


  • It comes with oil particle separator.
  • Compact design for longer-lasting performance.
  • Ultimate protection system for intake manifold, intercooler, and other components.
  • All-inclusive kit with accessories for ease of use.
  • Lifetime guarantee including accident coverage.
  • Cons

  • No internal baffles.
  • No filter for stopping fuel vapors.
  •  Mishimoto Oil Catch Can

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    The Oil Catch Can Buyer’s Guide

    What inside an Oil Catch Can

    Does the Oil Catch Can have Filter?

    Some oil catch cans have them, and some don't. Now, why would you want one with a filter? Well, a filter medium prevents (or minimizes at the very least) re-entry of the impurities back to the air intake of your engine. You install an oil catch can to get rid of that gunk and sludge, right? Now, you don't want that going back to the system because it defeats the very purpose of installing one.

    The absence of any filter medium means that impurities can easily go back to the air intake. Now, you want to have at least a steel wool filter to trap those impurities and send them back to the can. Now, the more expensive models offer brass or bronze filter that disallows re-uptake of collected residue. Bronze and brass filters are more efficient filters because they have low micron pores.

    Considering Baffling System

    Aside from filters, a baffle is another way to prevent re-entry of impurities back to the air intake. The cheap version may not have them and makes the product inefficient. However, this is an essential part of the oil catch can. Combined with a filter, this accounts for the efficiency of your oil catch can.

    About the Can Size

    The size of the can may not seem to matter that much, especially if you enjoy regular cleaning and maintenance of the can. So, for people who don’t want to tinker with their oil catch can that often, bigger oil catch can means that you won’t have to open it up as often.

    Aside from the volume of fluid, it can store, you also want to check the size to make sure it will fit inside your engine bay. Bigger capacity is helpful, however, if you don’ have space on your engine bay, then it’s impossible.

    Drain Port

    This is not an essential part of the oil catch can. However, a drain port at the bottom of the can facilitates easy evacuation of the contents. If you don’t have the luxury of time to check and remove the can, a drain port at the bottom will spare you the trouble.

    Good to have a Clear Can

    Although this criterion is not necessary, it’s nice to have a clear can. Although aluminum and clear cans serve the same purpose, it is satisfying to see know how much gunk and sludge it contains. This way, you won’t have to be guessing if it’s time to drain your can or not.


    Q: Are oil catch cans really needed?

    A: Yes, they are needed because engines have blow-by contents. Preventing oil from getting into the intake system is important to avoid oil slick and poor engine performance.

    Q: How do oil catch cans work?

    A: These devices are designed to allow air into the intake manifold while limiting oil vapors from entering with the air. Pistons move up and down within the cylinder with combustion getting past the sides and enters the crankcase. The by-product is known as the blow-by.

    Q: What are the most common advantages of using oil catch cans?

    A: Aside from stopping oil from entering the intake and building up in the can, oil catch cans also separate contaminated oils from the exhaust gases so that they won’t affect the engine. This protects the system from used oils that can choke off your vehicle.

    Q: How do oil catch cans improve engine performance?

    A: Since oil catch cans don’t add power or create cool noises for car engines, it’s usually overlooked by car owners when modifying or upgrading their vehicles. In reality, the catch can helps in ensuring that your vehicle is always in the running mood. It improves engine performance by simply cleaning the intake system from oil and other unnecessary build-ups.

    Q: Do I need to empty my oil catch can? When is the best time to drain it out of oil?

    A: During sub-zero climate conditions, it’s important to drain out your oil catch can to avoid build-up which can solidify and be hard to remove. Car owners may opt to remove the can from the system all throughout winter months just to be safe.

    Q: What if I did not drain out my oil catch can?

    A: The engine normally consumes some oil. However, if you don’t empty the oil catch can, it will eventually build up on the intake while making the engine trip-up when you try to start your car. It’s always important to clean up oil catch cans to keep engines in perfect working conditions no matter the weather conditions.

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    Last Words

    Now that you have read this review, your pretty much ready to have one for your car! Just remember, if you are not sure if you can install it by yourself, it is recommended that you hire someone experienced to do it for you to avoid future problems.

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    1. Baffled brass micro filter in an oil catch can will increase the oil pressure as compared to those with loose steel wool. May i know if the increased pressure would affect FC and stress the engine? More harm than good?


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