The Blind Spot Mirror Placement for Your Car – Where to Put and How to Install

A blind spot mirror is designed to help you see the adjacent lane which reduces your chance of clipping anyone on a lane change. And for this mirror to be very effective, you must learn about blind spot mirror placement.

What is a blind spot (benefits of blind spot mirror)?

Are blind spot mirrors useful? A blind spot is a term used to describe any area that's hard to see. Drivers must have a clear, unblocked view of all sides, front and back to be able to safely move on the street. If you're an urban street driver, you need a blind spot mirror that like blind spot mirrors for trucks to get a clear view of objects and pedestrians from all angles. The curved surface of blind spot mirrors will help you safely turn, park, and overtake.

The best thing about blind spot mirrors is that it's easy to install. You won't need a technician to install this on your car compared to cameras, camera windshields, and other devices used to view the sides of your vehicle. All you need is some good adhesive and proper placement of your blind spot mirror to get the best results.

Aside from revealing your blind spot, this kind of mirror will also keep tabs on the traffic on all sides of your vehicle. It can help you change lanes and especially when you turn. But it's still safe to check left and right than just rely on a blind spot mirror.

When getting out of a parking space, a blind spot mirror will also help you back out safely. When placed correctly, this mirror will let you see how close your wheels are to the curb. Some drivers prefer a frameless blind spot mirror to ones with thick frames.

Where to place blind spot mirrors?

Where to put blind spot mirrors? Aside from selecting the best quality blind spot mirror, proper placement is very important as well. Take note that most mirrors come with detailed instructions so follow this to the T. Also, most blind spot mirrors can swivel so you need extra care during installation. How to install rectangular blind spot mirrors? For this type of blind spot mirror, refer to the installation instructions included with your purchase.

On the outermost side of the side mirror

The position of the blind spot mirror depends largely on your preference. Most drivers prefer to place this mirror on the outermost side of the side mirror as they believe they can maximize the view. If your side mirror has an oval shape, it is recommended that you install the blind spot mirror this way.

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On the innermost side of the side mirror

Only a few drivers place the blind spot mirror on the innermost side of the side mirror. This position is common in drivers who want to rely less on the blind spot mirror and would like a larger view of the side mirror.

Other positions

Some blind spot positions vary depending on the shape of the mirror. Some rectangular (or slightly rectangular blind spot mirrors are placed on the bottom inner part of the side mirror. Some are triangular and occupy most of the outermost edge of the side mirror.

How to Install Car Blind Spot Mirrors YouTube Video

Consider the following when installing a blind spot mirror

Find your blind spot on the side mirror

Determine where to place the blind spot mirror. You must make sure that the mirror helps you check your blind spot and won't block your side mirror view as well. There is also a clip-on blind spot mirror that is easy to install. There's no need to use an adhesive. Just clip it over your side mirror.

Make sure that your side mirrors are intact and clean

Before you install the blind spot mirror, make sure that your side mirrors are ready. The side mirror should be free from cracks, debris, and dust. If it's cracked, replace it first. Use alcohol to clean the surface and let it dry completely. With a clean, dry cotton cloth, wipe the area well and buff it clean.

Place the blind spot mirror

The blind spot mirror will have a peel-back paper cover to reveal the adhesive. Once you’re ready, peel this off and place the mirror in the area where you want it installed. Apply gentle pressure on the mirror for 20 to 30 seconds. In case the blind spot mirror comes with a swivel mount, you must follow the installation instructions very closely. Make sure that the mount is placed securely before you snap the blind spot mirror in.

Let the adhesive stick

Don't wash your car or wet the side mirror for 24 hours to let the adhesive stick well. The adhesive will eventually harden and create a strong bond between the blind spot mirror and the side mirror. You may wash your car and wet the side mirror two days after you install your blind spot mirrors.

Removing a blind spot mirror

Blind spot mirrors are vulnerable to bumps, cracks, and breaks just like regular side mirrors. Eventually, you need to remove and replace your mirrors.

Removing a blind spot mirror is tricky as the adhesive is very strong. You must be very careful not to scratch or break your side mirrors while removing the blind spot mirrors. A hair dryer can soften the adhesive so it's easier to pry the mirror out. Use alcohol, nail polish remover, or any type of chemical adhesive remover to take care of any leftover sticky adhesive. A new razor blade can help you remove small adhesive marks and clots. Just be careful not to scratch your side mirror as you use a sharp tool like a blade or knife.

Final Thoughts

Good blind spot mirror placement will help you stay safe on or off the road. It can save you from accidents and costly insurance claims. But remember, that you shouldn’t rely on your blind spot mirror when turning or parking. Careful driving and understanding road conditions can make you a better and more responsible driver.  

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  1. Features of Blind Spot Mirrors
    ▶ Mirror rotation can be adjusted by 360 degrees to accommodate different driving positions.
    ▶ High-definition glass curved ultra-thin and concave design helps you predict the next environment.
    ▶ Drive more safely – never worry about another car next to us while changing lanes. Visibility is improved with blind spot mirrors.
    ▶ Designed with an adjustable swivel mounting bracket for better visibility, maximizing your view with a wide-angle view.
    ▶ transparent car rearview mirror film with anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, anti-rain and anti-stain properties.


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