KYB Shocks Review: A Legend in the Industry Reviewed

Aftermarket suspension parts, if chosen the right way, can help restore a car's function to its original, brand-new state. In some cases, these parts can even improve on different aspects of the car's performance, depending on what character you want improvements on.

One of the most famous names in the car suspension industry is KYB Shocks, which is trusted by both motorists and manufacturers for decades.  Its status in the industry and quality of its products is unquestioned.

About KYB

KYB is a company that has existed for 100 years (it was founded in 1919). The company has been producing suspension parts for decades, with total sales amounting to more than $3 billion. With facilities in 21 different countries and 15 production plants worldwide, they have a global reach that is matched by only a few companies within the industry. They have the most significant production volume of any shock absorber manufacturer worldwide. KYB is an established brand with global recognition.

KYB Shocks produces OEM parts for several cars from different brands, with some of their products coming as standard equipment for many production models. From subcompact cars to trailer trucks, KYB has produced and distributed shocks for car models of different shapes, sizes, and functions. They also offer custom suspension parts for those who want to upgrade the performance of their rides.

From heavy-duty suspension parts designed for motor sports and off-road riding to light-duty parts that add performance without sacrificing comfort and reliability for daily driving, KYB has different shocks for different purposes. 

Here is a list of some of the latest and most popular products of KYB Shocks currently available on the market.

KYB Excel-G Gas Shock

Considered as the entry-level shock absorber in the current KYB lineup, it is designed to replicate and even surpass the qualities of your stock shock absorber. It uses a patented valve system and pressurized nitrogen gas in a twin-tube construction to provide efficient shock absorption that is made to last.

KYB Excel-G

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Not only does this system perform its job in terms of shock absorption, but it also improves various aspects of your car's performance, such as its cornering ability and load capacity. Its versatility allows the Excel-G to get consistently good reviews from motorists. It provides the advantages of using a gas suspension at an affordable price.

KYB Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

This shock from KYB offers drivers with the chance to experience the benefits of using a monotube gas shock absorber at a more affordable price. The advantages of its monotube design are numerous: it automatically adjusts to your needs by adapting to the terrain and load, and it doesn't suffer from fading like other dual-tube designs.

KYB Gas-a-Just

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Fade is further eliminated by utilizing an air-free hydraulic unit. Just about everyone who tried this product experienced improved cornering, comfort, and performance right after installation. It’s an all-around product that is at home in just about every driving condition.

KYB MonoMax Gas Shock

For those looking for gas shock tailor-made to take a beating, the KYB MonoMax is a great option to choose. Its large-bore design, the single-tube design is built to take on even the toughest terrains out there. Considered as KYBs premium offering for trucks, its unique design allows it to adjust to different terrains without fading or breaking.

KYB MonoMax Gas Shock

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A zinc-coated piston ring and an off-road dust boot complete the package. All these features make the KYB MonoMax the shock absorber of choice for those who go off-roading and those who tow or haul heavy loads.


Built for sports cars, high-performance models, and tuned vehicles, this fully adjustable shock absorber unit from KYB will help take your car's handling to the next level. These shocks have adjustable damping rates, meaning you can adjust the stiffness of your suspension to suit the conditions on the road or the track.

KYB AGX Gas Cartridge

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You can adjust the stiffness of your shocks to up to 2x of that of most OEM shock absorber units. Even more impressive is that you can adapt your shocks without lifting your car or removing the wheels by turning the knob or use a screwdriver to stiffen or soften your dampers. With the KYB AGX, adjusting your suspension has never been this easy.

Customer Reviews

There are many brands out there that sell shocks and other suspension parts, but KYB has been able to hold its own in the market and establish itself as a high-quality brand. Here are some of the reasons why KYB is highly regarded as a maker of shock absorbers.

1. Suitable for street use

The great thing about KYB shocks is that they are very much ideal for regular street use. Their long experience in working with various manufacturers for their OEM shocks surely gave them an edge in this regard. In many cases, the ride quality using KYB shocks approximates that of stock shock, and sometimes improve on them too. They have different shocks available for different car types, so finding an OEM replacement for your ride should not be a problem.

2. Can be used for purpose-built vehicles

KYB Shocks (as well as its other suspension parts) have earned a reputation for their performance-boosting qualities. A lot of their products have proven to be so good and so reliable that they are being used for purpose-built vehicles such as race cars, off-road vehicles, emergency vehicles, and the like. Their shocks can help unlock the full potential of your ride and make it best suited for whatever purpose you built it for.

3. Lifetime warranty

KYB Shocks have another feature that makes them a great choice for most motorists: a lot of their products are covered by their lifetime warranty. Should any of their products fail or go below your expectations, they will replace it at zero cost for you. They are that confident with the build quality of their products, and it should provide you with supreme confidence in their products.

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FAQ: KYB Shocks

Are KYB shocks any good?

Although all cars have their shock-absorbing systems in place, they wear out over time. Using KYB shocks can help control the movement of your vehicle every time the tire comes in contact with bumps on the road.

Are KYB shocks better than Monroe?

Monroe’s shocks may be a good option, but the ride quality that KYB shocks give makes a great difference. Plus, these shocks are really affordable and durable, making them a great investment as a car owner.

Which brand of shocks is the best?

Some of the leading brands of shocks available in the market today are KYB, Monroe, and Gabriel. You can choose KYB as the best shocks brand for the smoothest ride.

What shocks give the smoothest ride?

The most popular shocks that give the smoothest ride include Monroe, ACDelco, Bilstein, and of course, KYB. You can shop around to find the best option for your car’s specific requirements.

Will new shocks make the ride smoother?

Replacing your shocks is a good decision as it reduces tire wear as well as suspension damage. New shocks maintain easy brake control while preventing dangerous sways on the road.

Do shocks really make a difference?

When driving, it’s inevitable to experience road irregularities that compress shocks and struts. The more wear, the less control over your vehicle. Keeping your shocks in perfect conditions is really helpful, especially when it comes to road safety.

Do air shocks ride rough?

Since air shocks are designed to provide heavy-duty performance, they tend to make riding a bit rough than regular shock absorbers. Even if you don't air them up, the ride will be rougher due to higher air pressures. However, air suspensions can give you a different ride height in just one click.

Are air shocks better than regular shocks?

The greatest advantage of air shocks is that you can enjoy varying ride heights through a versatile suspension system. In addition to that, air shocks are often adjustable so you can choose an easy ride, especially when going rough roads with harsh surfaces.

Last Words

Whether you are looking for an OEM replacement for your stock shocks or you are looking for a performance upgrade, you cannot go wrong with picking KYB Shocks. With available products for cars of all brands, sizes, and functions, you are sure to find the right set of shock absorbers for your ride. 

8 thoughts on “KYB Shocks Review: A Legend in the Industry Reviewed”

  1. I just fitted KYB Gas a Just (silver ones) on the FG Falcon Turbo. Very happy with them. Steering is more precise than on the original shock absorbers, grip and traction lot better the comfort is pretty good.
    Highly recommend them.

  2. I want to replace the original shocks and springs with a softer riding spring and shock. My 2015 suburu forestor has a super firm ride due to the factories decision to install a sports car type syspension. How do I purchase shocks and springs that will ride more better?

  3. I added Gas-A-Just shocks to my 2002 4Runner in April of 2022. With less than 5K miles and a few months later in December 2022 the surface of both units is noticeably rusted. I live in SoCal with not much rain and no snow/salty roads in my travels. Has anyone else encountered this? Is this normal?
    My guess is no since the shocks I took off had 190K miles on them and no rust.


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