USB Smartphone Link Receiver Adapters, Carplay Dongle Review

Numerous innovations are made every year to adapt to the lifestyle of the people in this rapidly changing world. One of the recent innovations made is improved car audio/video systems.

Linkswell Carplay Dongle

Years ago, people used aux cords to connect their phone to the car stereo to listen to the music of their preference. Now, the wireless connection is available through Bluetooth. The problem is, the Bluetooth feature is only available on Android phones.

Here come the smartphone adapters for iPhone users.

With the CarPlay app, the phone link adapters are used to access some phone functions on the car head unit. It is a convenient alternative. Users can answer phone calls, send messages, use maps, and listen to music without removing their hands from the steering wheel with the help of voice commands.

 ATOTO AC-CPAA48 USB Smartphone Link Receiver

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The carplay dongle review will discuss two of the top link adapters and compare the items to help buyers decide which item suits them better.


  • Supports all iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Only compatible with Android radio
  • Works with iOS 5 – iOS 12
  • Supports factory steering wheel controls
  • Supports all voice commands
  • Can work with Siri/Maps/Phone Calls
  • Item weight: 2.08 ounces

    Package: One CarPlay Dongle Box, 1 16 GB USB Drive with Installation APK, and one user manual


  • For Android users, download “Android Auto” app before purchasing the product
  • Android system of the car must be version 4.4.2 or higher
  • Install “Autokit” app on your stereo to experience CarPlay or Android Auto feature on your car head unit
  • Benefits:

    • Easier navigation

      Linkswell CarPlay Dongle enables more straightforward navigation for drivers through voice commands. Most drivers need to hold their phone for navigation, causing them to lose focus, which is dangerous. With the help of this adapter, the user no longer has to multitask and allows the user to focus on the road.
    • Hands-free calls and messaging

      Drivers are not allowed to use their phones while driving, but sometimes they are forced to do so, especially during emergencies. The CarPlay dongle comes in handy in answering calls and sending messages since it supports all voice commands. The user doesn’t have to fish for their phone; they can ask Siri or other voice command features to make or answer the calls and send messages to them. The users can now optimize their time in answering calls and messages while on the road.
    • Listen to music

      Most drivers listen to music while driving. Users can now control audio playback hands-free through the use of voice commands.
    • Battery-charging

      Short battery life span is a common problem among iPhone users and inconvenient. With Linkswell CarPlay Dongle, they don’t have to worry about the life span of their battery since the adapter can be used to charge their phones while driving.

    If you have a wireless car charger, you will need a  good wireless car charger mount.

    CarPlay Dongle

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    According to other product reviews, Linkswell CarPlay Dongle works well in Honda car models, unlike other link adapters. There has been a problem in the car system that disabled the installation of the apk to some models.

    It is pricier than other link adapters, but most probably because of the USB Drive that comes with the package which has the installation apk.

    It’s friendlier to iPhone users since they don’t have to install an app anymore. Installing a software (particularly the “Autokit” app) is quite easy for tech-savvy people, but quite daunting for less tech-savvy users. Once installed, the user doesn’t have to worry anymore and can get a full-blown experience with CarPlay or Android Auto.

    Some claims from buyers say that the battery-charging feature of the link adapter doesn’t work. Linkswell suggests that they use original/factory cable because aftermarket cable of low-quality will result in connection failure. Overall, it enhances the comfort of driving to the users and user-friendly.

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  • Compatible with all versions of iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Only compatible with Android car stereo
  • Contacts, messages, calls, etc. are synced to the Android stereo
  • A Soc chip is installed within the adapter
  • Has a separate system for running CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Item weight: 1.6 ounces

    Installation is the same with Linkswell CarPlay Dongle.


  • Both link adapters are compatible with all models of iPhone and Android smartphones, which makes it accessible for all drivers
  • Some apps can run in the car audio/video system without the need of installing them as long as it’s compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Since messages, contacts, etc. are synced in the stereo, it allows messaging and making/receiving calls to be easier same as the Linkswell CarPLay Dongle.

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    ATOTO AC-CPAA48 Link adapter shares the same benefits with the Linkswell CarPlay Dongle. This link adapter is cheaper than the Linkswell CarPlay Dongle, but the user has to check if their car audio/video system has the “Autokit” built-in app. If there is none, the user needs to install it manually.

    This is time-consuming for users who don’t have the built-in app in their car stereos.

    Other than that, the link adapter works efficiently as what it claims and also improve the comfort of driving.


    Overall, both products offer significant benefits to drivers in terms of hands-free navigation, messaging and calls, and audio/video functions. The features of both products can improve the comfort of driving through voice commands.

    There isn't much difference with the products, but in terms of packaging, for people who wish for hassle-free installation, it's better to purchase Linkswell Carplay Dongle. Nonetheless, for users who already have the "Autokit" app in their stereo, they can buy the ATOTO AC-CPAA48 smartphone link adapter.

    The products are perfect for people who are always on the go. Innovations such as upgraded car audio/video system increase efficiency and reduce wasted time for busy people.

    These products are easy to use for tech-savvy people. Nonetheless, less tech-savvy people will appreciate these products since it is easy to use and learn. All they have to do is learn how their car audio/video systems work, install the software needed, and enjoy the benefits that come with the adapter and the audio/video system.

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